Chidori RSC Episode 2: Let Them Eat Cake

The first episode of Chidori RSC wasted absolutely no time in gathering together the four members of the Rifle Shooting Club. The second episode goes a little into how Rifle Shooting works, as well as what the Rifle Shooting Club intends to aim for – Hikari has an Olympic dream, after all.Lack of focusThis episode of Chidori RSC gives us some of the more finer details of Rifle Shooting, such as the distance to the target and the size of the bullseye. It also firmly establishes that Hikari is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Seems like it was a total miracle that she was able to beat Erika during their middle school competition.

Hikari & Erika

Erika getting distracted by Hikari

I have to admit that Rifle Shooting doesn’t exactly seem like the most interesting sport to watch. Fortunately for Chidori RSC, though, the characters are all a lot of fun. Maybe things will change once the club starts competing, but I feel like the characters are going to be the biggest selling point of Chidori RSC.

Hikari bathing

Hikari contemplates her poor performance during practice

Whilst the first half of the episode mostly focuses on the Rifle Shooting Club, attention is turned elsewhere for the second half.


Hikari is serious about playing catch

We get even further proof that Hikari is lacking in certain areas, though when it comes to PE, Izumi isn’t exactly much better. Guess it is lucky there isn’t much movement when it comes to Rifle Shooting.

Yukio & Erika

Nothing like a little rivalry between friends

Seems like there might be something of a rivalry developing between Yukio and Erika, possibly sparked by Yukio claiming top spot during the midterm exams. Unfortunately – and amusingly – one of them also happens to be lacking when it comes to PE.

Izumi's plan

Unfortunately, not a viable plan

With National qualifiers coming up (quite a step down from the Olympics, but a more sensible goal) Erika believes the Rifle Shooting Club needs to gain further experience before they’ll even be good enough to compete.

Hikari, Izumi & Yukio

Hikari, Izumi and Yukio

We end the episode with the Rifle Shooting Club preparing for their next step: competing against Rifle Shooting Clubs from other schools. Erika takes a little convincing, but eventually she decides she will reach out to some people she knows.

I’m having a lot of fun watching Chidori RSC, and that’s all I ask for for anime like this one. Not entirely sold on their sport yet, but the character interactions more than make up for that.
Besides, the Rifle Shooting Club haven’t had any competitive events just yet, so I’m intrigued to see how that will be presented to us. It also means plenty of new characters to meet, and I’m sure that will be a fun time as well.

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1 Response to Chidori RSC Episode 2: Let Them Eat Cake

  1. OG-Man says:

    Hikari is a bundle of joy I tell you. Izumi and her make an adorable couple.

    Erika’s not exactly tsundere tendencies and Yukio’s not exactly dry wit is fun to watch too.

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