Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 2: Hunters’ Prep School

The first episode of Abilities Average gave us some anime-original content to introduce the main cast of characters. I’m expecting things to be more in line with the light novels from episode two onwards.

Pauline, Reina, Mavis and Mile

Mile and her roommates introduce themselves

In this episode of Abilities Average, Mile starts her enrolment at the Hunters’ Prep School, together with Mavis, Reina and Pauline. Mile is still keen to just be an average student, but her new roommates have seen what she is capable of. She doesn’t exactly help herself, either…


Looks like we’ll be getting plenty of references, what with Mile being an otaku in her previous life

This episode of Abilities Average adapts parts of chapters seven and eight from the light novels: “Hunters’ Prep School” and “Power Levelling” respectively. We also get parts of chapter 12, “New Gear” and chapter 13 “Pushing the Limits”, too.

Mile attacks

Insulting Mile is a very bad idea

This isn’t an exact 1:1 adaptation of the light novels, and I think that’s fine. The sparring match went differently. Mile still won, but in the light novel, she was actually forced into demonstrating her power when her opponent kept trying to hit her where she wasn’t wearing armour. I prefer how it happened in the light novel, but both demonstrate the same thing: Mile is far above average.

Mile uses magic

Mile is able to recreate Reina’s spell

Mile copying Reina’s spell is also in the light novel, and it more or less happens the same as it does in the anime. When it comes to magic, perhaps Mile should have tried imitating a different student so she wouldn’t stand out again.


Mile tells the others about herself over tea

After spending some time with Mile, the other three girls are quickly able to realise what she is luck. Powerful, maybe, but also something of a ditz. The scene where Mile tries to pass of a novel’s plot as her own backstory is also in the light novel.
Hints are also dropped that Reina and Pauline have had something happen in their respective pasts; presumably the anime intends to explore that further later on.

Pauline, Reina and Mavis

Pauline, Reina and Mavis exhaust themselves on their first quest

Mile, Mavis, Reina and Pauline embark on their first quest as a party. They have to visit the Hunters’ Guild first in the light novel, but the anime skips over that formality so we can get into them not being all that successful at first. Fortunately, Mile is able to provide them with some training. It’s an effort to make her allies more powerful so she won’t stand out, but… well, I’m sure you can guess how that ends up.

Magic training

Mile helps Pauline and Reina refine their magic skills

You know, there are some scenes throughout this episode where characters are off-model, and I feel like some of them are on purpose. Just look at Mavis after Mile has taught Reina and Pauline to use magic to manipulate water for example.


Seems like the animators had some fun with this episode

Mavis & Mile.jpg

Mile Roshi trains Mavis

Mile does put Mavis through a variety of training exercises in the light novel, but it doesn’t ever really say anything about her cosplaying as Master Roshi. Not that it mattered, because that whole scene amused me quite a bit.

Mavis vs Rock Golem

Mavis takes down a rock golem, with a little help

Mile and the others do fight rock golems in the light novels, but that comes from chapter thirteen. I’ve also skipped over the scene where Mile repairs Mavis’s sword – again, from chapter twelve.
Still, it gives us a nice bit of action from Mavis, Reina and Pauline. Mile does her thing offscreen.


Oh. Looks like Arledy here is going to be a recurring character

Finally, some more anime-original content as Arledy makes another appearance. Not particularly bothered about that; the light novels have plenty of great content to adapt, so I’d rather not waste time with her. Mercifully she only appears in a small scene at the end.

This second episode was definitely an improvement over the first, as I suspected it might be. Now that we’ve actually got some content from the light novel adapted, I find myself enjoying Abilities Average a whole lot more.
Not to say that the first episode was bad or anything, but this is more what I was expecting from the anime.

I am really quite happy with the direction that this adaptation is going in. Great stuff.

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1 Response to Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 2: Hunters’ Prep School

  1. OG-Man says:

    If the show keeps up its ENDRO~! like pace then it’ll be a pretty good one.

    I’m sure Arledy has her fans.

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