Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 36: Rainbow Ring

The thirty-sixth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is one that puts Yuni – or more specifically, her alter-ego Blue Cat – into the spotlight. A character who appears in the Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure film also makes her debut her, too.

Hikaru & Yuni

Just Yuni chowing down on a doughnut

In this episode, Lala’s rocket AI informs everyone that an alien mafia boss by the name of Don Octo has obtained a ring from the planet Rainbow. Yuni is determined to take it back, so she and the others sneak into Don Octo’s base. Besides the alien mafia, Blue Cat also has to contend with an inspector from the Starscape Alliance.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne

Making her debut in this episode is Starscape Police inspector, Mary Anne. She also appears in the upcoming Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure film, even pulling out a Miracle Light at one point. She’s on board Don Octo’s ship as a spy, but she dreams of pursuing bigger cases; such as catching Blue Cat.

Fuwa Mafia

The Fuwa Mafia

A lesson that this particular episode is very keen to teach is that stealing is bad. The thing is, Yuni’s motivations for stealing back the ring from Don Octo are totally sound, and I’m on her side. Hikaru makes it pretty clear she thinks otherwise, though.

Blue Cat

Yuni manages to obtain the ring from Don Octo

Fortunately, Yuni is not deterred by Hikaru’s objections. I’m glad to see Yuni stick to her convictions, and even more so because that means we are getting to see more Blue Cat.

Capture by Don Octo

Don Octo captures Blue Cat and Mary Anne

Of course Blue Cat has to deal with the mafia after stealing the ring from Don Octo, and the situation is only further complicated when Mary Anne reveals she is with the police. The mafia aren’t too happy about that, but Blue Cat decides to help her out when she gets into trouble – doesn’t really work out for either of them in the end, though.

Monster of the Week

Don Octo is transformed by Tenjou

Can’t have an episode without the Notraiders getting involved, and it is Tenjou who does so this time around. Of course, Mary Anne quickly discovers that Blue Cat is actually a member of PreCure following that.

Cosmo blushing

Cosmo blushes as her friends praise her

The fight in this episode has its fair share of great moments. Soleil protecting Selene is one, but everyone just complimenting Cosmo is definitely the highlight; they all just say she is pretty much tsundere.

Mary Anne & Yuni

Cosmo’s goofy face here is great

After the fight, everything resolves itself in pretty typical PreCure fashion – though Yuni does tell the others she will steal if necessary. She’ll just make sure to not endanger everyone else.

This was a great episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, and that all pretty much comes down to Yuni. The previous episodes did maybe have a decent moment here or there, but this one is definitely an improvement.
It helps that I like Yuni a lot, so of course an episode that focuses on her is going to be one that I enjoy. The whole concept of it was fun though, and it was a pretty good introduction to one of the characters who shall be appearing in the upcoming film. Hopefully we’ll get a little more of the rivalry between Blue Cat and Mary Anne outside of the film as well.

Next time the fun looks set to continue as everyone dresses up for Halloween.

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