Chidori RSC Episode 1: Rifle is Beautiful is a Better Title

Out of the many studios that are out there producing anime, there are a handful that make me sit up and take notice when I see their names attached to a project. One such studio is 3Hz, who has brought us Flip Flappers, Princess Principal and Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. Oh, can’t forget the BLACKFOX film, either.
Chidori RSC is their next production, and it is an adaptation of a manga called Rifle is Beautiful. It is about a Rifle Shooting Club, and probably one of my more anticipated autumn 2019 shows.

Hikari Kokura

Hikari Kokura

The plot of this first episode is simple: Hikari Kokura wants to join her school’s Rifle Shooting Club, but quickly discovers that it has been shut down. She needs to find four members to get it back up and running again.


Izumi Shibusawa

Unlike many other girls’ club anime, this one wastes no time in gathering its four members together in the first episode. Honestly, I appreciate that as it allows us to jump straight into everything as soon as our four main characters have been introduced.

Erika Meinohama

Erika Meinohama


Yukio Igarashi

It feels kind of nice to just have a girls’ club anime where everyone joins without any drama, and that is exactly how it goes down in Chidori RSC. We even see that three of the four members have competed against each other before, but there is clearly no bad blood between them.

Erika, Izumi, Hikari and Yukio

Hikari surprises Erika and Yukio

Rifle Shooting Club

Rife Shooting Club

Not even ten minutes into the first episode, and we already have the main cast established and they are doing club activities. Again, I can appreciate that. The anime moves on into explaining what Rifle Shooting is as well as a bit about the equipment used; they use beam rifles and special shooting coats that helps them maintain their posture.

Tall Yukio

This whole scene with Yukio was amusing

Besides a short shooting session, this episode also has the four girls spend some time together as they visit Erika’s place to pick up a replacement shooting coat for Hikari. Some amusing scenes unfold there.

Izumi & Hikari

Izumi and Hikari are so cute together

Definitely got to make mention of Hikari x Izumi, especially that scene where they are going to the supermarket with everyone in the club. It was so sweet.

Hikari's joke

Hikari’s “joke”

That was the first episode of Chidori RSC, and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely gets bonus points from me for not beating around the bush with the club members, and there is a whole lot charm to enjoy as well.

A great start for the show, and I feel like I will be having a whole lot of fun watching this one over the next few months.

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1 Response to Chidori RSC Episode 1: Rifle is Beautiful is a Better Title

  1. OG-Man says:

    Precious premiere. Hikari X Izumi are relationship goals. Erika and Yukio are fun too. They remind me of Asuka and Rei from Evangelion for some reason.

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