Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 35: Student Council President Election

Next up in spotlight for Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is Hikaru, who Madoka feels would be a good fit for becoming the next student council president. Somebody else has their eye on the position as well.

Elena, Puruns, Lala and Hikaru

Hikaru suggests alien transfer students (besides the one they already have)

In this episode, Madoka is due to resign as student council president. As such, it falls to her to find a new candidate, and she believes that Hikaru will fit the role with her imagination. Also aiming for the role is Sakurako Himenojou.

Sakurako's declaration

Sakurako declares her intention of becoming student council president

With two candidates, a proposal for an election is put forth. It will be Hikaru vs. Sakurako, so both girls get out on the campaign trail.

Lala & Hikaru

Lala supports Hikaru in her campaign

Much of this episode is spent on Hikaru trying to work out what sort of student council president she wants to be. The answer she moves towards is one that is just like Madoka, even though that is something that takes its toll on her.
Sakurako isn’t exactly straightforward about what she wants either, but she works hard to earn votes.

Yuni with cats

Yuni just hanging out with some cats


Sakurako takes note of things that require improvement

This episode dedicates some time to Sakurako, showing us that she has the school’s best interests at heart; even more so when Hikaru and Lala find her notebook. Of course, that also means she gets to play the victim of the week when the Notraiders show up.


Kappard is our villain this week

For some reason, Hikaru knows right away after seeing Kappard’s weapon that he used Sakurako’s imagination. The usual PreCure fight procedure is followed in this episode, with one notable difference.

Cure Star

Cure Star seems to be awakening a new power

Cure Star shines brightly, and that is something that even the Star Princesses are able to sense. Seems Star has some hidden power; perhaps it is the Twinkle Imagination PreCure are supposed to be looking for.

The fight is resolved, and the new student council president is decided at the end of the episode. It was a fun episode, providing a hint of things to come with that fight against Kappard.
There isn’t much else for me to add. A good Hikaru episode.

Next time is a Yuni episode. Blue Cat returns, and I am looking forward to that.

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