Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 34: Communication is Hard

The summer season may be coming to an end (or the autumn season is starting depending on when you read this), but PreCure continues on regardless. It seems we are at the point where each of the characters will be getting a turn in the spotlight, and for episode thirty-four it is Elena who we shall be focusing on.

Elena & Saboro

Elena and Saboro

In this episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, a cactus alien named Saboro comes to Earth. Hikaru and friends want to make the alien feel welcome, but there is something of a language barrier; particularly because Saboro doesn’t speak. Elena takes the lead in this episode, building a better understanding of the alien.



This episode is a perfectly serviceable one. As far as aliens go, Saboro is all right – though I do think we have seen better from Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure before now. I’ll admit I’m surprised that Elena’s family didn’t feature more heavily in this episode; it might have been fun to see her trying to keep Saboro’s true identity concealed from her younger siblings or something.

Elena, Saboro, Fuwa & Hikaru

Maybe taking the plant alien to a flower shop is a bad idea, hm?

There are a few funny moments in this episode, generally courtesy of Hikaru. First contact with Saboro is one such example. I also find something a little amusing about Elena taking Saboro to the flower shop, though I don’t think that was what the show was going for with that particular interaction.

Elena & Kaede

Kaede talks with her daughter

Elena’s Mum, Kaede Amamiya, also gets to appear in this episode, so that’s a nice little bonus. She’s the one who is able to talk Elena out of the slump she falls into after upsetting Saboro.

Monster of the Week

Saboro is the Notraiders’ victim for this episode

Whenever a new character is introduced, there is usually a strong chance that they will be the victim of the week that gives rise to the monster of the week; and that is exactly what happens with Saboro.

Cure Soleil

Cure Soleil

This being Elena’s episode, Cure Soleil gets to lead the transformation sequence. Nothing particularly notable about this battle; it plays out like the many that have come before.

Overall, an episode that I don’t particularly have any strong feelings towards. It does convey the message it wants to convey well, and there are one or two notable moments. Other than that, though, it is your standard episode of PreCure.

Maybe things will pick up next time with Hikaru aiming to become student council president.

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