Rory’s Reviews: The Demon Girl Next Door

The Demon Girl Next DoorThe Demon Girl Next Door is a twelve episode anime adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Izumi Ito. The director for the series was Hiroaki Sakurai, and the writer was Keiichiro Ochi. The studio that produced it was J.C.Staff.
The Demon Girl Next Door aired during the summer 2019 season of anime, and is available to watch on HIDIVE.
Yuko's horns and tailThe Demon Girl Next Door focuses on Yuko Yoshida, who one day has demonic powers awoken within her. With these new powers, she is tasked with defeating a shrine maiden of the Light Clan. One such maiden attends her school: the magical girl Momo Chiyoda.
Thus begins Yuko’s quest to defeat the magical girl. A task that does not come easy, particularly as Yuko doesn’t exactly possess much in the way of extraordinary abilities.Momo ChiyodaTo compound matters even further, Momo possesses a fair amount of strength, even outside of her transformation into a magical girl.

Yuko does her best, but often finds herself having to endure all a manner of misfortunes; and there is where a lot of the comedy lies in The Demon Girl Next Door. If that was all there was too it, though, it would quickly wear thin. Fortunately, Yuko and Momo are not the only characters.Awaken YukoOne of the key players in this show is Lilith, Yuko’s ancestor. She is effectively the catalyst that kick starts the whole plot of the show, and her role steadily expands as the series goes on.MikanOn the magical girl side of things, we have Mikan – a friend of Momo’s, and another magical girl. Though her debut into the show comes relatively late, she fits in right away. The curse that afflicts her is probably what helps with that, since that is another thing that provides plenty of opportunities for comedy.
Yuko’s family and friends all have their own moments to shine as well; there’s a lot to like about the whole cast.Yuko & MomoThey say the devil is in the details, and there is a couple of such details that are well worth paying attention to, particularly when both Yuko and Momo are onscreen together. The first of those would be Yuko’s tail: it is incredibly expressive, and often conveys Momo’s true feelings. Whilst Yuko may have an expressive tail, Momo also has a habit of her own; again, something that tends to show up when she is around Yuko.Yuko & MomoAnother key part that gives The Demon Girl Next Door its charm is the dynamic between the two main characters. Yuko may be determined to defeat Momo, but the two share a relationship that is fun to watch develop throughout the course of the show. There is a reason that the ShamiMomo ship exists, and it becomes more and more obvious as to why with each passing episode.Yuko Crisis Management FormBeing a show with a magical girl, there are transformation sequences; and it is not just Momo who gets one. Let’s just say it tends to be a treat whenever Yuko changes to her Crisis Management Form, and leave it at that.

Whilst The Demon Girl Next Door does have a lot going for it, fairly early on it feels like things could get a bit stale with some setups becoming perhaps a little too familiar. Especially after a great start.
However, that problem quickly vanishes soon after, with the ShamiMomo relationship steadily developing as well as other characters getting their opportunities to shine. It is not enough to have any major impact on the show, but it is something worth keeping in mind.

Score: 9/10
The Demon Girl Next Door is able to successfully deliver some great laughs, a really fun relationship between Yuko and Momo, and lots of charming little details.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    ShamiMomo are strong contenders for Best Couple of 2019.

    One of my favorite comedies of the year alongside Joshikousei no Mudazukai.

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