The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 11: Ancestor Telephone

In the eleventh episode of The Demon Girl Next Door, Yuko takes on board some advice from her younger sister and seeks a way to get Momo to open her heart to her. This leads to some revelations, though not about Momo, but about Yuko herself.


Yuko prepares to dive into Momo’s dreams

In this episode, Yuko once again uses her power to dive into dreams to get Momo to open her heart to her – though it takes a little bit of encouragement from Lilith before she does. The experience she has in Momo’s dream is completely different to the previous one; but it is one that leads to Yuko learning a lot more about her family and herself.

Yuko's weapons

Yuko arms herself

Lots of great stuff happening in the dream world this time around, with Yuko being somewhat to blame for the differences. The first obstacle she encounters has something rather interesting to say.


Metako stands watch over Momo’s soul

Metako mentions his previous master, one Sakura Chiyoda. That’s a name worth remembering; it will come up again later on in this episode. Yuko’s honesty about why she is in Momo’s dreams doesn’t do her any favours, but her method for getting past Metako had me in stitches.


Momo has a habit of playing with her hair

Previously I’ve mentioned how expressive Yuko’s tail is, but it seems that Momo has a habit of her own. She often plays with her hair, and I think she mostly does that when talking to Yuko. I’d have to go back through previous episodes to check for sure, but I’m focusing on episode 11 for now.

Yuko & Momo

Quite the misunderstanding Yuko has here

Yuko and Momo get to talking in Momo’s dream – well, more like arguing. It does lead to Momo realising something, though, as well as a misunderstanding from Yuko. As much as I hate the translator converting yen into dollars for no good reason, I’ll give them kudos for the whole “grill” thing.
Not that that carries much weight when I don’t know what was actually being said in Japanese…

Yuko, Seiko and Momo

Seiko has quite a bit of information to share with Yuko and Momo

The last part of this episode has Seiko finally sharing the information she has been withholding from Yuko for quite a while now. I won’t repeat it all here, but I will say that there is one Sakura Chiyoda involved. It seems the fates of the Yoshida and Chiyoda families have been tied together for quite a while.

That was quite the episode of The Demon Girl Next Door. It delivered more excellent humour, as well as giving the views a little more insight into the past – more specifically, how the Yoshida and Chiyoda families are linked.
Even the more serious part at the end had a bit of humour injected into it (that is an impressive box), though we end on a more serious note than usual this time.
Perhaps because of that, I am really keen to see what will happen next.


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1 Response to The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 11: Ancestor Telephone

  1. OG-Man says:

    Cool twists. How wonderful that the show’s able to keep its excellent humor even during a serious moment and it not feeling out of place or distracting. Pumped for the finale.

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