Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 32: Resolve to Abandon Oneself

PreCure may have achieved one of their objectives, but it turns out that is only the first step in their mission. In the thirty-second episode, they discover what comes next.


Yuni takes it easy whilst the others fuss over Fuwa

Now that PreCure have gathered all twelve Princess Star Colour Pens and Fuwa has transformed, the Star Princess give them their next mission: to find Twinkle Imagination. A fight with a powerful adversary also leads to a new finishing technique.


Garuouga isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed

Garuouga returns for a rematch in this episode, though not before grabbing Fuwa. Fortunately for PreCure, he doesn’t recognise Fuwa in her new form and just throws away the opportunity to capture her.

Garuouga vs PreCure

PreCure vs. Garuouga

The main event in this episode is the fight between PreCure and Garuouga. Garuouga isn’t exactly happy about what happened previously, so he uses the second chance that Darknest has granted him.

Kappard, Garuouga & Tenjou

Those who had lost everything

Garuouga has a few choice words to say about PreCure’s desire to protect Fuwa, which gives us a bit of insight on the Notraiders. Much like Yuni, it seems that Garuouga, Kappard and Tenjou had all lost their planets. When they were lost, Darknest appeared. The flashback to that event implies that some darkness drove them from their homes – and to that, I ask: is Darknest that darkness, or is there some other malevolent force out there?

Cure Star punches Garuouga

Cure Star lands a solid hit

The battle banter is pretty typical PreCure stuff: Garuouga convinced that protecting something makes them weak, whilst PreCure are strong because they have something to protect. At least the fight is fun to watch, though – Garuouga has a pretty good track record for his fights so far (all two of them).

Twinkle Imagination

PreCure Star Twinkle Imagination

Garuouga is a tough opponent, but PreCure and Fuwa putting their feelings together results in a new finishing move: PreCure Star Twinkle Imagination. PreCure get some new outfits for the attack, and Fuwa participates as well.

Darknest hologram

Perhaps the first time that PreCure have seen Darknest

If I’m remembering correctly, PreCure also get their first sighting of Darknest in this episode. He calls Fuwa a “vessel”.

Star Princesses

The Star Princesses give PreCure their next objective

One more impromptu trip to the Star Palace gives PreCure their next objective: to gather Twinkle Imagination. That’s all they have to say on the matter, though: it is up to Cure Star and the others to seek it out themselves.

This episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure was a good one. The fight against Garuouga was decent, we got to learn a little more about the Notraiders and PreCure have powered up. Good stuff.

Next time, the quest to gather Twinkle Imagination begins! Or at least it would, it everyone wasn’t so busy…

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