Symphogear XV Episode 11: Have Courage

Here we are: the beginning of the end of Symphogear XV. We have now stepped into the final act, but that’s not going to slow Symphogear down at all.
Also, all thirteen episodes of Symphogear AXZ are now available to watch on Crunchyroll. Now is the time to encourage anyone who has been considering catching up on Symphogear to do so.

Enki vs Shem-ha

Maria’s dream

In this episode, the Symphogear wielders find themselves transported to the moon. There, they uncover just what it is that Shem-ha is trying to achieve, as well as the truth behind the curse of Balal.
On Earth, S.O.N.G. attempts to do something about Yggdrasil, which has activated.

Tsubasa & Maria

Tsubasa and Maria

This episode starts with Maria dreaming of Enki fighting Shem-ha. This provides something of an insight regarding Maria’s relic, Airgetlám. Maria also takes the chance to admonish Tsubasa for not taking Hibiki’s hand earlier.


Chris is right: Hibiki is just too cool at times

Turns out the lunar ruins don’t take kindly to intruders, and it doesn’t matter whether it is Noble Red or the wielders. Hibiki & Chris, Kirika & Shirabe, and Vanessa & Elza all find themselves under attack, but as we all know they are perfectly capable of defending themselves. Hibiki gets the first transformation and battle song of this episode.


Miku tries to resist Shem-ha

There’s a lot of important stuff going on this episode, first and foremost being that Miku is putting up resistance against Shem-ha. Shem-ha may have Miku’s body, but Miku’s consciousness is still in there somewhere. How long for, though?

Enki OS

Maria and Tsubasa encounter an operating system based on the mind of the original Enki

More important information comes to light from Tsubasa and Maria being guided to the lunar ruins’ control room by Airgetlám, where they encounter an operating system based on Enki. He reveals to them the truth of the curse of Balal, as well as what Shem-ha intends to do to Earth.

Millaarc unison

Millaarc evens the odds against Tsubasa & Maria

Tsubasa and Maria get to have a rematch against Millaarc in this episode. The vampire has the disadvantage at first, but she has a technique up her sleeve that evens the odds. Millaarc and her clone use a technique that is very reminiscent of Sophitia’s Heaven to Hell throw from Soul Calibur. Of course, Tsubasa and Maria have their own ace in the hole to resort to as well.

Tsubasa & Maria Amalgam

Tsubasa & Maria Amalgam

We get to see Maria’s Amalgam for the first time, and even better, she uses it in unison with Tsubasa. All the Amalgam forms are great, and Maria’s is no exception. For all the Amalgam forms, I really like how sleek they look.

Red Earth

The Earth is not looking good right now

Whilst combat is happening on the moon, Shem-ha is moving forward with her plan. Things really don’t look too good for the Earth as things stand.

Another incredible episode of Symphogear. It managed to squeeze in some excellent action and exposition that changes what we knew about the curse of Balal before now. The rematch against Millaarc was good, and Hibiki just being Hibiki was great too.

Five out of six wielders have used Amalgam by this point. With Hibiki and Chris encountering Vanessa and Elza at the end of this episode, I suspect we’ll see Chris’s Amalgam next time.

Hibiki is inevitably going to be the one to confront Shem-ha. I wonder if Miku will provide some sort of hint that she is still in there when that happens. There’s a lot to look forward to, of that I have no doubt.

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3 Responses to Symphogear XV Episode 11: Have Courage

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  2. OG-Man says:

    For now the smile MariTsuba shared will suffice. Hopefully they’ll have a more tender moment after the world is saved. Their battle against Supercharged Milaarc was epic as expected.

    The ancient ones remind of The New Gods from DC and as I mentioned Enki looks like a male character from a Studio Trigger anime.

    Miku has something very important to tell the captain. Let’s hope it’s what we think it is. It better be. Go Captain Bikkie! Do your best.

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