GRANBELM Episode 11: What It Means to Be Alive

Truths were unveiled previously, and now Mangetsu has to decide on a path to take in episode eleven of GRANBELM. Here’s hoping she chooses one that leads to both her and Shingetsu finding happiness together.



In this episode, Mangetsu decides what it is she must do after a conversation with Kuon’s sister, Shisui: support Shingetsu’s endeavour to rid the world of all magic. That is followed by a camping trip with a select few who have been affected by GRANBELM – whether directly or indirectly.

Shingetsu hugs Mangetsu

Shingetsu hugs Mangetsu

I hope you like emotional insert song moments, because this episode has two of them. The first one focuses solely on Shingetsu and Mangetsu, with the latter effectively saying how amazing it is to be alive. Mangetsu may have a point; because we are alive, we can appreciate even the little things.

Mangetsu with classmates

Her classmates may not notice her presence, but Mangetsu remains in their memories

An important piece of information comes to light in this episode, and that would be that the memories can be erased, but it seems fragments of them will remain. This is something that is demonstrated with both Shisui and Mangetsu’s classmates.


Nene wonders if Mangetsu and Shingetsu might have another option

Nene continues to be a great supporting character in this episode. After learning about how Mangetsu and Shingetsu intend to approach the final battle, she starts looking into their options. Her sisters think it may be impossible, but I feel like Nene could be the key to giving Mangetsu and Shingetsu a happy ending together.

Mangetsu and Kibou

Kibou introduces herself to Mangetsu

This episode gives us a camping trip; you know, a light-hearted event before the final battle. Thing is, it just gives us plenty more moments where GRANBELM just rips your heart out – whether its Kibou introducing herself to Mangetsu, or Shisui singing a song she came up with when wondering what it would be like to have a little sister (emotional insert song #2, by the way).

Mangetsu and Shingetsu

Mangetsu tells Shingetsu to win GRANBELM and fulfil her dream of erasing magic

This episode was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. I honestly thought Mangetsu was putting up a strong front throughout the camping trip, but it seems that she has made her decision and is ready to face the consequences of a world without magic.

I want nothing more than Mangetsu and Shingetsu to have a happy ending together, but as things stand now it looks like the best we can hope for is bittersweet. Though saying that, GRANBELM does has a subtitle: The Two Princeps. Maybe there could be a little bit of hope after all?

Whatever the outcome, this was a fantastic episode. The GRANBELM battles may be thrilling spectacles, but it is nice to know that GRANBELM is perfectly capable of pulling off emotional episodes just like this one. Now, please, let Mangetsu and Shingetsu be happy together.

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2 Responses to GRANBELM Episode 11: What It Means to Be Alive

  1. Arekusu says:

    And so, our three mages finally enters into the grand finale which we will see next week. What will Shingetsu do? Will she save Mangetsu? Or will she get rid of all magic in the world? Even though to the people of the world Mangetsu’s existence is gone fragments of her kindness remain it seems. To her knowing that people still remember her despite not seeing her must have been a blessing. The camping trip though sure was fun though. Despite her talent in magic Shingetsu’s skills in other areas sure is surprisingly lacking.

    Overall a solid and beautiful episode that did well to show the kind of bonds that had been forged between Mangetsu and Shingetsu and as well as the strong desire that Mangetsu found in order to help her friend even if it meant that she herself will vanish. Mangetsu’s consideration and kindness just knows no bounds. Curious to see how this ends.

  2. OG-Man says:

    Mangetsu’s journey has been nothing short of astounding.

    I shed a tear this episode.

    Please let the two find a happy ending together and not have Mangetsu live on inside Ernesta’s heart.

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