The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 10: Elegant Plates

The tenth episode of The Demon Girl Next Door features experiments and a whole load of cuteness.

Shamiko Running

Turns out there are some circumstances in which Yuko is willing to transform in public

In this episode, Shion asks Yuko if she can perform some experiments on her. When Momo vetoes that, Shion turns her attention to Lilith instead. That is followed by Yuko and Ryoko visiting Momo’s place to ask about her laptop. Yuko doesn’t want to her younger sister to learn the truth about what is going on with Momo, which leads to the truth getting distorted somewhat.

Yuko & Momo

I still love how expressive Yuko’s tail is

This episode wastes absolutely no time getting into the comedy, giving us some side-splitting stuff before the opening credits even roll. There seems to be a slight obsession with dumbbells, and with How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? also airing this season, I’d like to think that isn’t just a mere coincidence.

Shion & Lilith

I think this speaks for itself

Earlier on this season, I mentioned that it was worth keeping an eye on Shion; I’d say I was justified in thinking that, especially with what we get from her in this episode. Momo may put a halt to her doing any experiments on Yuko, but she is more willing to let Lilith – or Shamicen, as they’re calling her – be experimented on.

Lilith's new body

So cute!

Shion’s experiment involves getting Lilith more mobile with some leftover materials from a failed experiment. Yuko’s attempt to mold arms and legs for Shamicen is hilarious. Momo’s attempt has a much better result, though perhaps not for Shamicen herself.

Ryoko with Momo's wand

Ryoko almost finds out Momo’s secret right away

Ryoko is undoubtedly the star of the latter part of this episode, as she and Yuko visit Momo to ask about the laptop they borrowed from her. Yuko doesn’t want Ryoko discovering that Momo is a magical girl, but that secret might prove to be a little hard to keep.

A smile to protect

Momo wants to protect this smile. Who can blame her?

Ryoko draws her own conclusions about what is happening between Yuko and Momo – and perhaps she comes up with something not entirely that far removed from the truth. Momo even says as much, though Yuko can’t see it.


Ryoko shares her method for gathering information on an enemy

This episode of The Demon Girl Next Door was excellent. From the very get-go it had me laughing, and seeing other characters get a chance to shine was really fun, too. Shion and Ryoko are great characters, albeit for very different reasons.
Lots of cute stuff in this episode, too – Lilith’s new body, for example. Ryoko’s smile is pure and innocent, too, and I can see why Momo wants to protect it.

Seems like the next episode might shed some light on Momo’s past – and that is something I am rather quite keen to learn more about.

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1 Response to The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 10: Elegant Plates

  1. OG-Man says:

    ShamiMomo continue to shine as a wonderful couple to be. Poor Mikan though.

    Momo is kind but not dumb as Lilith quickly learned.

    Ryoko’s smile must be protected. That and she’ll become an incredible tactician in the near future. I wouldn’t mind having Shamiko as our ruler though she’d have to content with Satanichia for the throne.

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