Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 23: Giga Cold Wave

Unfortunately, the end of the second season of Aikatsu Friends! is almost upon us – this episode is effectively the beginning of the end. At least it is going out in style, though, I suppose.

I Believe, Love Me Tear, Reflect Moon & Honey Cat

Everyone ready for the pre-fest

In this episode, everyone arrives in Solvette and the Jeweling Festival pre-fest begins. However, the plummeting temperatures in Solvette result in low attendance at first – but Aine, Mio and all the others are determined to overcome the cold.


Wakaba Harukaze

This is one of those episodes that breaks tradition by giving us not one, but three different performances. In this case, it is Wakaba, Reflect Moon and Honey Cat. I was hoping we’d get to hear some new songs, but that wasn’t the case. Not that there is anything wrong with the old songs, but a bit of variety is nice now and then.

Wakaba Harukaze

Nobody even mentions Wakaba’s headgear

With temperatures plummeting in Solvette, it sure feels like Aikatsu Friends! may be trying to say something about global warming, but perhaps I’m reading too much into it. Obviously the solution for global warming is Aikatsu, of course.

Reflect Moon

Reflect Moon

All the Friends are putting in a lot of hard work to ensure the pre-fest goes well, and we get to see some of that. The three young girls spotting Sakuya and Kaguya and saying that they had the same face amused me a little bit – but hey, it got the girls and their grandmother to go to the pre-fest.

Honey Cat

Honey Cat

It also feels like it has been quite a while since we last saw Honey Cat perform – I’m sure they’ve had one or two performances in this season, but I’d need to look up when exactly that was the case. Another case of a familiar song being used here, too. I thought this episode might forego the dressing room sequence, but nope, Honey Cat got the honour of doing it for this episode – I’m glad, because I really like the music that accompanies said sequence.

Pure Palette

Pure Palette

Overall, an enjoyable episode of Aikatsu Friends!. Some new songs would have been nice, and it seems somewhat unlikely that we’ll be seeing Coco again for these last few episodes. The positives outweigh the negatives, though – I’m always happy to see more from Wakaba, Reflect Moon and Honey Cat.
Actually, shouldn’t Honey Cat have gotten an episode to themselves? Reflect Moon and Love Me Tear did before the pre-fest, so why leave Ema and Maika out?

Thing would be so much better if this season was four cours long, instead of two. Oh well, at least they’ve gone for quality over quantity.

Next episode is an important one: I Believe and Love Me Tear will be standing on the same stage, for the first time in a long while.

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