Symphogear XV Episode 10: Cutting EdgeX2 Ready go!

Another Saturday, another episode of Symphogear. As with any given episode, some really great stuff happening in this one.

Shem-ha and Noble Red

Shem-ha with Noble Red

In this episode, Shem-ha activates Yggdrasil, with the intent of reverting the world back to how it was five thousand years prior. She also revives Noble Red, and increases their power.
The Americans plan to send a team to the moon to investigate the lunar ruins, which leaves it up to S.O.N.G. to protect the rocket that will get them there.

Tsubasa's return

Hibiki and the others welcome Tsubasa back

There’s a fair bit going on in this episode, first of which is Tsubasa’s return. Saying she has had it rough is putting it lightly, but she is back and her allies are all happy for that. Hibiki offers her hand, because sometimes it is not just her opponents she wants to reach out to.

Swiss Army Vanessa

I know this is a serious scene about Noble Red losing their humanity and becoming complete monsters, but this made me laugh

Yeah, Noble Red are still around. I’m actually happy about that, and the reason for that will be seen a little later into this episode. I suppose you could feel sympathy for Noble Red’s plight, but remembering what they have done up to this point… well, I guess it will vary from person to person.

Kirika & Shirabe

Of course the character with the rabbit motif wishes she could go to the moon

S.O.N.G. move out on their next mission in the second half of this episode, and it is to protect a rocket. They know that the enemy will attack at some point, so they are on defence duty.

Shirabe & Kirika vs Elza

Shirabe and Kirika fight Elza

Now, Noble Red still being around, and powered up, means that the wielders are going to have to step up their game when it comes to combat with them. One thing that you can expect from Symphogear is a Kirika & Shirabe duet – and this episode delivers exactly that as they fight Elza. Their duets are always a treat, but we get something to make it even better in this episode.

Shirabe & Kirika Amalgam

Shirabe & Kirika’s Amalgam forms

Shirabe and Kirika get to use Amalgam, and it is spectacular. It may seem like Shirabe is wielding a shield, but take into account the weapons she uses normally – and even then it is far more impressive. Also, the special attack that Kirika and Shirabe use is called Polyfilm Scissor Love Dreams. I have nothing more to say on that matter.

Tsubasa attacks

Tsubasa launches into action

It will not come as a surprise to read that this episode ends on yet another cliffhanger – that is how Symphogear rolls, after all. Let’s just say that there is a change of scenery involved – keep watching after the credits to get an idea of where things end up.

Hey, look, another utterly fantastic episode of Symphogear. This show really doesn’t do things by halves. I should also mention Shem-ha taking an interest in Maria’s left arm during their scuffle at the beginning of the episode – seems like Airgetl├ím still has a significant role to play. Presumably it will tie in with Maria using Amalgam – it is just her and Chris who have yet to use it at this point.

I wonder what the odds are of Shem-ha regaining her full power by the time of the final showdown – and whether she will still be inhabiting Miku’s body at that point remains to be seen. I am sure that Hibiki is going to get Miku back; it may just take a little while.

It might be apt to say that Symphogear XV is moving into its final act, particularly with the end of this episode. It has been quite the ride so far, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Excellent stuff, as always.

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1 Response to Symphogear XV Episode 10: Cutting EdgeX2 Ready go!

  1. OG-Man says:

    This show never ceases to amaze. How many more times can I say it’s awesome?

    3 episodes to go. My body will always be ready, yes.

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