Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 30: Personal AI

Hard to believe that we have already hit thirty episodes of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure; the time just seems to fly by.
Things took quite an interesting turn at the end of the previous episode, so this one sees Hikaru and company on the run from the law. Don’t think we’ve ever had that in PreCure before.

Yuni, Puruns, Fuwa, Madoka, Lala, Hikaru and Elena

Lala has the support of her friends

In this episode, Hikaru and the others are on the run from law on Planet Samaan. As well as the authorities, they have to contend with Tenjou and Ayewan temporarily joining forces.

Ayewan and Tenjou

Ayewan and Tenjou

Being the second episode set on Lala’s home planet, it is unsurprisingly focused on her. She has to decide whether or not she wants to tell her family that she is PreCure. Lala knows it could cause problems for Hikaru and the others, but they’ve got her back.
Seems Ayewan knows a thing or two when it comes to hacking, or perhaps Mother’s security is just woefully weak; either way, Ayewan is determined to crush Cure Cosmo.

Damaged Rocket

Damaged rocket

I say that this episode focuses on Lala, but the real MVP here is Lala’s personal AI. Got to say, I didn’t expect such an emotional scene would focus on Lala’s personal AI, but that’s exactly what this episode gives us.

Monster of the Week

Tenjou’s turn to go on the offensive

Ayewan’s plan doesn’t go as she wants it, leading to Tenjou to step in. Hikaru and company deal with their foe in the usual way: transforming into PreCure. Lots of special moves being showcased here, including one using the power of the newly acquired Cancer Princess Star Colour Pen.

Cure Milky

Cure Milky with the Cancer Princess Star Colour Pen

With a new pen in their possession, PreCure return to the Star Palace once more after the battle.

Cancer Fuwa

Cancer Fuwa

Cancer Princess

Cancer Princess

The episode wraps up with Lala getting some much deserved respect from her family and the reboot of her personal AI.

These past couple of episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure have been great, especially for fans of Lala. It may have only been for a short while, but we got to see PreCure become wanted criminals, and discover that Lala’s personal AI is surprisingly human.

I wonder if Ayewan will continue trying to ally herself with the Notraiders, or perhaps this time was a one off and she’ll go all lone wolf from now on. Her pursuit of Yuni is quite single-minded, and I’m quite interested in seeing how that will all pan out.

Before that, though, only the Pisces Princess Star Colour Pen remains; and it shows up in the next episode. I get the feeling things will really start kicking off then.

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