Symphogear XV Episode 9: Become a Monster

It’s that time of the week again, when we find out just what Symphogear has in store for us.

Hibiki and Hibiki's Dad

Hibiki is under house arrest

In this episode, S.O.N.G. finally gathers everything it needs to make a move against Fudou Kazanari. With Hibiki under house arrest and Tsubasa on Fudou’s side, Maria is the only wielder they can entrust to participate in the raid on the Kazanari house.



The way this episode opens almost sounds like an obituary. Hibiki has lost her sunshine, though I suspect that she’ll find some way to get it back in the end. Tsubasa also turns against S.O.N.G. for a while, taking Miku straight to Fudou.


Maria takes on the Alca-Noise during the raid

The action for this episode comes from the raid on the Kazanari house. There are some Alca-Noise present, but those are just the small fry. The main events involve Maria and Genjuro respectively.

Tsubasa vs Maria

Tsubasa vs. Maria

When Maria was informed of the raid, she refused to use any lethal force. The only reason she would go is so she could drag Tsubasa back – of course, Tsubasa isn’t just going to return so easily.

Genjuro vs. Fudou

Genjuro vs. Fudou

The other battle is a rare chance to see Genjuro in action. He fights Fudou, and both combatants show off some really impressive skills; seems that kind of thing runs in the Kazanari family.

Noble Red

Noble Red’s plan does not end well

There is a lot of flashy fighting in this episode, giving Noble Red the perfect opportunity to sneak into the Kazanari house and try to do something to get back at Fudou for abandoning them. Long story short, Noble Red’s plan does not end well. At all.

Tsubasa Amalgam

Tsubasa’s Amalgam

This episode establishes that Amalgam is something that all the Symphogear wielders have access to. After seeing Hibiki’s twice before, it is Tsubasa’s turn to use hers – and just as S.O.N.G. gets authorisation for it, too. It looks impressive, but she doesn’t really get much use out of it. Someone’s got to stop Tsubasa from becoming a monster, particularly after that sacrifice.

Keep watching after the end credits for a stinger, by the way.

A good episode, I’d say. Excellent fight scenes in this episode; it is always nice to see Genjuro in a situation where he can actually fight. Maria was able to get Tsubasa back, and finally break Fudou’s hold over her.
As for Noble Red… yeah, shame about that, huh. They’re not exactly normal humans, so there’s probably a chance we haven’t seen the last of them.

After Tsubasa seemingly betrayed them at the beginning of the episode, I’m glad to see that the other wielders still trust in her. Elfnein knows exactly why Tsubasa acted the way she did, whilst the others know that Tsubasa hasn’t been herself.

One more key point from this episode: Miku has the Faust Robe of Senshoujin. “Senshoujin” is certainly a name that sounds familiar.

Perhaps not as strong as the previous episode, but there was still plenty here to enjoy. I guess that is a given, considering it would be almost impossible to top the previous episode.

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