Thoughts on Yuri Life

Yuri Life is a collection of manga stories by Kurukuruhime. Kurukuruhime is a name that I have come across before: one of the contributors for the Whenever Our Eyes Meet… yuri anthology. In fact, Kurukuruhime’s I Want to Make My Work Senpai Moan! was one of my favourite stories from Whenever Our Eyes Meet…, so I am expecting great things from this collection.
This is a collection of ten stories, plus one bonus one. All the stories are in full colour, which is a nice departure from what tends to be the norm. Yen Press licensed this manga for its English release.

Yuri Life

Front cover of Yuri Life, featuring Manami Hanazono and Yuuna Miyafuji

Girlfriends, Together in Love and Life!
Cohabitating can make or break any relationship, but with a little luck, a lot of love, and a healthy does of patience, living together can bring out the best in a couple! There’s a lot to navigate – clashing personalities, age gaps, business trips, conflicting feelings, jealousy, sex, and even the supernatural – but these women in love find a way to make it work!

I have mentioned before in my Whenever Our Eyes Meet… review that Kurukuruhime brought some humour to the anthology. More of that humour is very much on display within Yuri Life; almost every page I read made me laugh, or at least smile.

The consistent humour throughout this collection does contribute to making Yuri Life a delight to read, but so do the relationships between the women. Some are couples in firmly established relationships, others have feelings that they have yet to act upon, and there are also women meeting for the first time.
There’s quite a variety of relationships on display; some are so lovey-dovey it is almost cheesy, whilst others argue quite a bit.

For these collections, certain stories will tend to stand out more than others. In my case, I really quite like Life with a Grim Reaper. As you can imagine, that is where the supernatural part comes into play. The grim reaper in question may not be open with her emotions, but the skull she wears is – reminds of Touhou‘s Hata no Kokoro in a way. The ending for this one… well, things can’t work out well for everyone.
As a side note, this one also gives us the phrase “lovers’ suicide moe”, which is not something I ever thought I would read.

Life with a Yandere also has somewhat of a different tone when compared to the rest of the stories – it does err on the sinister side of things. Not the most extreme case of a yandere I’ve ever seen, but the thoughts the yandere has towards her girlfriend are not exactly light.

I could go through each story and share my thoughts on each one individually, but for the most part it would just boil down to me writing they are fun and heart-warming, for the most part. A wonderful peek into the everyday lives of yuri couples.

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