The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 8: Dumbbell or Flower

A new magical girl appears in the eighth episode of The Demon Girl Next Door. Of course, that has Yuko worried about what she is there for; this episode has the answer for that.


Mikan Hinatsuki appears

This episode is the one where the orange Magical Girl, Mikan Hinatsuki, is officially introduced. She has arrived to help out Momo, but Mikan’s powers prove to be somewhat difficult to handle.

Yuko Crisis Management Form

Another appearance for Yuko’s Crisis Management Form

The main focus of this episode is on establishing Mikan’s character. Yuko doesn’t have much to fear from her; well, except perhaps Mikan’s power. When it comes down to it, though, Mikan is actually a nice person.

Mikan & Yuko

Mikan is not entirely “ordinary”

Yuko may be pleased to meet an “ordinary girl”, but her powers as a magical girl means she is anything but. I’ll also take this moment to say that the gag where Yuko was confused about Mikan actually referring to her as “Yuko” was pretty funny.

Momo & Anri

Mikan’s power is quite something all right

Turns out Mikan’s power is a curse: whenever she becomes distraught, misfortune rains down upon the people she is connected to. Momo is willing to put up with it, though, since she believes Mikan is a valuable ally. It doesn’t take too long for misfortune to rain down Yuko, either.

Crisis Management Form

Momo discusses Yuko’s Crisis Management Form with Lilith

Momo is pretty keen to see Yuko naked in this episode, too. Well, it is more her wanting to see Yuko’s Crisis Management Form again, which is more or less the same thing, right? That means it is time for more training. Mikan joins them as well.

Momo & Yuko

Yuko wants Momo to acknowledge her

Momo exhausts herself, which leads to Mikan letting a secret slip. It is about what happens when a Magical Girl uses up her magical power, and that seriously gets Yuko thinking about what she can do to try and ease the burden that Momo faces.

That was quite the tone shift at the end of this episode – well, right before it went back into comedy with Yuko asking Lilith about a redo for her Crisis Management outfit. Perhaps some event will see Momo using up her magic, and she is only able to find her way back due to Yuko. I guess we’ll see.

Mikan is a great addition to the cast. Her scenes and the misfortune she brings down upon others had plenty of laughs. At least she’s a nice, ordinary girl, if nothing else. Seems pretty keen on Momo, though I’d say Momo only really has eyes for Yuko.
Momo asked for Mikan’s help to safeguard Yuko – I wonder if that could be foreshadowing something or other.

A really enjoyable episode of The Demon Girl Next Door, and Mikan’s addition to the cast has only improved it.

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1 Response to The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 8: Dumbbell or Flower

  1. OG-Man says:

    Mikan was worth the wait.

    ShamiMomo can’t stop wanting each other.

    The Crisis Management Form is a blessing.

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