Thoughts on Konohana Kitan Volume 5

The fifth volume of Konohana Kitan has a fair amount happening away from Konohanatei. Some more exploration of the past can also be found in this volume.
This volume of Konohana Kitan contains six chapters, though one is a collection of anecdotes from Konohanatei.

Konohana Kitan Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of Konohana Kitan, featuring Ren & Natsume, Satsuki & Yuzu, Sakura, Okiku and Urinosuke

Every day, the foxes who staff Konohanatei work hard to make sure each of their guests is taken care of and comfortable. Now, Kiri is an established worker at Konohanatei, but once, even she was a brand new attendant learning new things and making mistakes along the way.
Shortly after starting work at the inn and meeting the beautiful and kind geisha Yae-san, Kiri also met her daughter… It seems Kiri has known Sakura since she was very small, but what kind of past do these two share?

Looking into the past seems to be something of a theme for this particular volume of Konohana Kitan, as both Kiri and Yuzu have some light shed on their respective pasts. For Kiri in particular, the circumstances that led her to start working at Konohanatei are revealed, as well as her first meeting with Sakura. Admittedly, Kiri and Sakura don’t really have all that much interaction here – Kiri is tasked with babysitting Sakura, and she struggles with it.
Sakura is very reminiscent of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid‘s Kanna, particularly when it comes to bugs…

The other glimpse into the past focuses on Yuzu, and shows how she first met Bikuni. There is an element of tragedy involved; Yuzu may not remember much from before Bikuni took her in, but this volume explores that a bit.

The aforementioned anecdotes are just quick, one or two page stories from the Konohanatei attendants. They are each fairly amusing, with the highlight possibly being Yuzu attempting to wink at Satsuki.

A new character makes her debut in this volume: Momo, who is Ren’s younger sister. She is also a new shrine maiden, training under Hiiragi and Ayame. Ayame is a very harsh teacher; it is kind of excessive how much she punishes Momo. Seems Ayame has a sadistic side to her.

Yuzu faces some doubts in this volume. She returns home to Bikuni, and weighs up returning to Konohanatei versus staying with Bikuni. She seems pretty keen on one decision, but Bikuni is able to make her actually think about it with a moral dilemma.
Also, Yuzu’s absence is really felt at Konohanatei – particularly by Satsuki.

Yet another delightful volume of Konohana Kitan by Sakuya Amano. Some more information about Kiri and Yuzu comes to light from the respective chapters that focus on their pasts, and the cast of characters grows a bit more.
There’s a lot to enjoy with this manga series, and this volume is another worthy addition to the collection.

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