Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 29: Gut Feeling

It has been a bit of a bumpy ride, but PreCure finally arrives on Lala’s home planet of Samaan in episode twenty-nine of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. Lala doesn’t seem too thrilled to be back home, though.

Arrival on Samaan

Hikaru is fascinated by everything on Samaan

In this episode, PreCure finally arrive on Lala’s home planet Samaan. They discover how the planet runs in the most efficient way possible, as well as meeting Lala’s family. Lala is melancholic through the whole thing, and things take a turn when the Notraiders show up to steal a Princess Star Colour Pen.

Lala & Hikaru

Lala tells Hikaru about Samaan’s AIs

The first thing I want to focus on is how Samaan is run, because it sounds a lot like Psycho-Pass, of all things. An AI decides the job a person gets based on their traits and all that kind of stuff. No mention of crime coefficients, but the similarities are there.

Toto, Lolo and Kaka

Lala’s family

This episode also introduces Lala’s family: her Dad, Toto, her Mum, Kaka and her twin brother Lolo. The three of them were all given high ranking jobs by Samaan’s Mother AI, unlike Lala. Lala has one the lowest ranking jobs.
It becomes clear why Lala was so reluctant about the others meeting her family, and then she has to worry about whether or not she should tell them that she is PreCure.

Recreation Dome

Samaan’s recreation dome

We get more sci-fi references in this episode, particularly with Samaan’s recreation dome. It is effectively the same thing as Star Trek‘s holodeck. This location also serves as a place for a heart-to-heart between two characters who haven’t really had all that much interaction so far.

Lala & Madoka

Lala and Madoka

Madoka is able to pick up on Lala feeling rather melancholic, and decides to offer her some advice. I can’t recall if Lala and Madoka have had any meaningful interactions like this one before, so this is nice to see. It’s always good to see unity within a team.

Lingering shot

The show definitely lingers on this shot for longer than necessary



Serving as our villain for this week is Tenjou, who targets the Princess Star Colour Pen being researched by Samaan. She’s not the one getting her hands dirty, though – she has a victim do that for her.

Monster of the Week

Lala’s boss is transformed into a Notraider

One transformation sequence later, and PreCure are doing their thing. Naturally, there is a particular focus on Cure Milky; this is her episode, after all.

Cure Milky

Cure Milky

Cure Milky’s fight against the Notraider definitely has some Dragon Ball Z about it. Her pose, the powering up, even a beam struggle – definitely more than a few familiar elements in there.

Wanted Criminals

Lala and company are declared wanted criminals

The end of this episode brings with it an interesting twist. I would have never expected Lala and the others to be accused of stealing the Princess Star Colour Pen, but that is exactly what happens. A familiar face shows up, too.

This was a good episode. Of course the focus was always going to be on Lala when they got to Samaan, but I’m glad to see the interaction with Madoka.
Definitely got to give this episode props for that ending, as well. I wasn’t expecting things to go in that direction, but I am glad they have. I guess Yuni would be used to that kind of situation, but it will be interesting seeing how the others adjust.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what is in store next time, particularly with Ayewan showing up to cause trouble – and not just for PreCure, but for all of Samaan, it appears.

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