Thoughts on Konohana Kitan Volume 4

The fourth volume of Sakuya Amano’s Konohana Kitan takes some time to shine the spotlight on Kiri, even revealing a bit of her past – and a fateful meeting she had back then.
It is also business as usual for Konohanatei in the present day.
This volume contains five chapters.

Konohana Kitan Volume 4

Front cover of the fourth volume of Konohana Kitan, featuring Kiri and Yae

Every day, the staff at Konohanatei works hard to make sure each of their guests is taken care of, but the healing power of this otherworldly fox in affects not only its guests but its workers as well!
Take a stroll down memory lane with Kiri, one of the foxes who has been an attendant at the inn since she was young, and who currently acts as a supervisor and mentor to Yuzu and the others. A glimpse of Kiri’s past reveals what her first days at Konohanatei were like, and how working at the inn changed her destiny – and brought her together with one very special person.

This volume starts with a pair of chapters that focuses on Kiri. The first one is set during the present day, where Kiri and Yuzu stop off at a rabbit café (no, not that one). The following chapter explores Kiri’s past, back when she first started working at Konohanatei.
It’s a great peek into the events that shaped Kiri in the person she is presently, and also where her bond with a certain other girl started. Konohana Kitan doesn’t often do cliffhangers, but the Kiri flashback chapter is only the first part – unfortunately, the second part will come in a later volume.

Beside Kiri, this volume also has cats, dreams and an artist. The chapter with the cats is one of those that will certainly pull on the heartstrings – especially for pet owners. Sakuya Amano has a talent for weaving those types of emotional tales.

The chapter focusing on the dreams is more of a comedy-oriented chapter. Interesting things happen when Urinosuke falls ill, and the girls all sleep together. Whilst it does have laughs, we also get further development when it comes to the feelings that Yuzu and Satsuki have for each other. It’s only a small thing, but it is a nice small thing.

The artist chapter is another case of the story focusing on a guest rather than any of the attendants at Konohanatei. It is quite interesting to see the art spring to life. The artist also has some important decisions to make, too.

Four volumes into Konohana Kitan, and every one so far has just been a delight to read. Whether its the focus on the attendants of Konohanatei and their relationships, or the weird and wonderful guests who stay at the inn, Sakuya Amano always keeps things compelling.
This volume is a shining example of that, as it gives us both of those things. A very enjoyable read.

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