Symphogear XV Episode 8: Two-Part Plan

Not much to see here in episode eight of Symphogear XV – is what I would say if I was a liar. You thought last week’s episode was good? You haven’t seen anything yet, let me tell you.


Carol’s return is glorious

After fighting off Noble Red, Carol gets in contact with S.O.N.G. and they start working out a plan to save Miku, and defeat Shem-ha. A simple summary perhaps, but this episode is executed in the most spectacular fashion imaginable – as one might expect from Symphogear.

Carol & Elfnein

Tsundere Carol is very good

I was looking forward to Carol fighting Noble Red, and sure enough this episode delivered just that. We got a new song as she single-handedly took on Vanessa, Millaarc and Elza. They aren’t exactly holding back, but Carol possess quite a bit of power.

Maria, Kirika, Tsubasa, Shirabe & Chris

The wielders prepare to carry out their part of Carol’s plan

Remember the Climax Songs? Those make a comback in this episode – where a Symphoger wielder sings to put her very life on the line. That makes up part of Carol’s two-part plan. Things never go smoothly, though.

Noble Red

Noble Red have a new plan of attack for their second round against Carol

Apparently Noble Red don’t know when to quit, as they test their luck by taking on Carol a second time. They are better prepared this time around, and even seem to get the upper hand. Unfortunately for them, Carol is not easily dealt with. Especially when she chooses to sing.



The X-Drive form makes a return – usually a super form reserved for the finale. Not in Symphogear XV – we’re getting it in episode eight. It’s a treat seeing X-Drive after it was absent in AXZ, and the Wielders make the most out of it.

Chris & Maria

Chris and Maria launch a joint attack

This episode is just non-stop hype, and it only increases exponentially as this episode goes on. What could top X-Drive?


Hibiki returns to the battlefield

Hibiki makes enough of a recovery to return to the battlefield. She may not be in her X-Drive form, but she does use Amalgam. Genjuro’s reaction to that is pretty amusing.

Condition Red

People were speculating about the condition red thing – here it is

Symphogear hasn’t finished one-upping itself, though. It has one final thing up its sleeve for this episode.



We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and here it is: ‘Mikugear’ as the fans are calling it. Last time we saw Miku like this was back in Symphogear G, though her power came from love (Dr. Ver’s words, not mine). This time, it seems that Shem-ha has possessed Miku’s body – that does not bode well.

Of course, this episode is incredibly rude and just ends on that bombshell, followed by HibiMiku themed credits. That’s kind of ominous.
It is nice reliving all those HibiMiku moments, and we can also see just how far Symphogear has come since its first season.

I can’t state this enough: Symphogear is incredible. Its probably safe to say that XV has been delivering everything the fans want to see from what is very likely the final season of Symphogear.

From beginning to end, this episode is arguably the greatest we have had yet. Somehow, Symphogear keeps managing to surpass itself with every episode. Perhaps it is due to phonic gain, I don’t know.

I have no idea what will come next, but I am certain it will be spectacular.

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2 Responses to Symphogear XV Episode 8: Two-Part Plan

  1. OG-Man says:

    This series has an effect on me that few were able to replicate over the years.

    Come on Miss Heart. Help Miss Brain find the answer!

    Seeing Carol pwning Noble Red was awesome as expected but of course the CaroNein interactions were the icing on the cake. As you said, Tsundere Babyface Carol is Best Carol.

    I need a Tit Bump gif.

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