GRANBELM Episode 8: Nothing

With the number of mages participating in GRANBELM steadily dwindling, Suishou is next to make her move.

Suishou & Kuon

Suishou gets up close and personal with Kuon

In this episode of GRANBELM, we are shown what fate befell Anna after the previous battle. Also, Suishou plays mind games.

Kuon & Mangetsu

Kuon and Mangetsu wake up in the same bed

We’re eight episodes in, and we are only just learning that you really need to concentrate when returning from Magiaconatus – or you could end up in an awkward position when you return, as Mangetsu and Kuon discover.

Suishou & Mangetsu

Lots of invasion of personal space in this episode

Suishou knows that she’ll be fighting at a disadvantage in the next round of GRANBELM, so she shows up at Mangetsu’s school and attempts to get into her head. Seems like Mangetsu has the mental fortitude to not be affected. Mangetsu isn’t Suishou’s only target, though.

Suishou and Kuon

Kuon’s confrontation with Suishou doesn’t go too well

The circumstances between Kuon and Suishou become clearer in this episode. Kuon’s sister Shisui is still very much under a curse, and we get an insight into how that came about.

Mangetsu and Shingetsu

Mangetsu and Shingetsu

One recurring part of GRANBELM are the conversations between Mangetsu and Shingetsu. Their bonds grow in each episode, and it is probably safe to say that they need each other. After what happened with Anna, Shingetsu certainly needs the support.

Shingetsu and Mangetsu

Shingetsu and Mangetsu

Mangetsu, Shingetsu and Suishou all had their moments to shine in this episode, but there is one other character worth mentioning as well.



Nene starts doing some research after the recent GRANBELM battle, and she stumbles upon something. Looks like she is heading toward some big revelation, and it seems to concern the Kohinata family.

A pretty good episode. Suishou is more actively involved, and she is quite the sinister character. This is all pretty much set up for the next episode, though. Judging by the preview, we are in for quite the spectacle during the next episode.

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2 Responses to GRANBELM Episode 8: Nothing

  1. Arekusu says:

    you’re also forgetting one most important highlight of this episode – now that Anna is gone, she’s dead – her existence is nowhere to be found. hence, Nene, and most of mage lost their memories in regards of Anna’s existence. but overall, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Not a typical mahou shoujo anime.

  2. OG-Man says:

    Most intriguing development, yes.

    Suishou is a bargain bin Yurizono. That’s one way to make her more entertaining.

    GO GO Mangetsu! You go get your Ernesta!

    Poor Kuon. She was saving her first blessing for Shisui and Suishou had to defile her.

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