The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 7: Party Time

Seems like a change of fortune is in store for Yuko in the seventh episode of The Demon Girl Next Door. Maybe. Also, some training.

Yuko wakes up

Yuko wakes up from a recap dream

In this episode, Yuko’s efforts start to pay off as the Yoshida family’s luck seems to increase. Following that, Momo recovers from her cold and decides it is time for Yuko to do some intensive training.

Yoshida family

Yuko enjoys okonomiyaki with her family

This episode starts with a rather amusing, though inaccurate, recap of what has happened before, as well as a Yuko having a brief encounter with Momo. The main focus of the first half, though, is the Yoshida family, as a change of fortune means that they actually get the opportunity to indulge – though when it comes to buying in food, Seiko makes a purchase that would makeĀ Senran Kagura‘s Yomi proud.

Yuko and okonomiyaki

Yuko and okonomiyaki

Something that I noticed in this episode was that Yuko seemed cuter than usual. I don’t know if it was her outfit or what, but I’m perfectly happy to see a cute Yuko. Maybe it is because she is enjoying some rare good luck.
Not that it last all that long, but at least Yuko got some enjoyable family time – which certainly had some excellently funny moments, too. Lilith pretty quickly learns that she probably shouldn’t cross Seiko, and Ryuko has quite an interesting opinion of her sister.


Sure is a lot of blushing in this episode

This episode also sees further ShamiMomo interactions. Yuko sharing food with Momo is just the start of that stuff for this episode – there’s even more good stuff in the second half, when Momo decides it is time for Yuko to start training.

Momo & Yuko

Momo and Yuko

This may seem like hyperbole, but I’m going to go ahead and say that the second half of this episode is peak The Demon Girl Next Door. We get plenty of humour, and some excellent ShamiMomo moments, too.
This is another episode that provides a hint about Momo’s past, and just makes me want to experience it even more. That comes from her opening up about herself a little, which I guess means she feels closer to Yuko.


A new character appears

This episode ends with the appearance of a new character. Who is she? Proper introductions will have to until the next episode.

I enjoyed every moment of this episode, from Lilith’s recap right up until the arrival of the new character. I was laughing throughout this episode, and enjoying the dynamic that Yuko and Momo have.
The Demon Girl Next Door has been really good lately, and this episode is just further evidence for that.

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