Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 28: Breaking the Limits

PreCure’s quest to get their rocket repaired continues in episode twenty-eight of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. The opportunity for Elena and Madoka to grow closer also arises in this episode.

Madoka, Yuni & Elena

Yuni wanting to eat all the seafood planet’s inhabitants is pretty funny

After arriving on Bubblepool, Yanyan takes PreCure to the core of the planet where they meet Flare – a being from the planet Plasma that can repair their rocket. The girls will have to work with Flare to get their rocket fixed, but the task assigned to Elena and Madoka proves to be too much for them.

Meeting Flare

Flare emerges from his home

You may be wondering why a being made of fire decided to take up residence on a planet made up of water – and that is something that this episode touches on. It does come across as Flare choosing to live on Bubblepool because everybody else said it was impossible. Fair play to him, I suppose.

Rocket Repairs begin

Lala, Hikaru and Yuni definitely got the easier job

Fortunately, Flare seems like a friendly fellow, and is willing to repair the rocket – as long as the girls put in some work as well. Hikaru, Lala and Yuni get it easy – all they need to do is some barbecuing. Elena and Madoka end up with a more physically demanding task: pumping the bellows. It doesn’t go well for the sun and moon of Mihoshi.

Elena & Madoka

Elena and Madoka grow closer in this episode

Now, I could focus on the repair of the rocket, but the highlight from this episode has to be Elena and Madoka calling each other amazing, and just generally appreciating each other. They get a real ‘just kiss already!’ moment – or that’s how I see it, anyways.


Kappard will be our villain for this week

The antagonist that PreCure has to fight in this episode is Kappard – and being on a water planet means that he has an advantage. Also worth noting is that the transformation sequence focuses on Elena and Madoka in particular.

Cure Soleil, Flare and Cure Selene

Cure Soleil and Cure Selene will surpass their limits

Cure Star, Cure Milky and Cure Cosmo all get to do their thing during the fight, but it is Soleil and Selene who impress most. Oh, and Puruns gets a small moment to shine, too. This battle is also a rare case of a villain actually getting hit by the finishing moves – Kappard only retreats after taking the full brunt of Soleil and Selene’s combined attack. I’m sure he’ll be back in fighting form before we know it, though.

Burn bright

Madoka and Elena will burn bright

The second round of rocket repair goes much better than the first, and PreCure are able to resume their journey to Lala’s home planet once more.

You know what I’ve been thinking PreCure needs recently? More EleMado stuff. This episode certainly delivered that. Their conversation during the squall was absolutely wonderful.
It’s also nice to see them get some focus, as Yuni’s addition to the cast has kind of overshadowed everything else since Cure Cosmo’s debut. I’m happy that we get episodes like this that take time to elaborate upon the relationships of the other characters.

An excellent episode. Next time, we’ll finally meet Lala’s family.

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