Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 20: I Still Believe

First up, Aikatsu on Parade! has been announced – a crossover featuring all the seasons of Aikatsu so far. I have mixed feelings about it, but that’s probably because Aikatsu Friends! has been my only experience of the world of Aikatsu thus far.
As for Aikatsu Friends!, a highly anticipated event finally takes place in the twentieth episode of the second season.

Aine & Mio

Aine and Mio are arranging the Jeweling Festival

The summary of this episode is a very simple one: I Believe return to the stage. Aine and Mio are also preparing the Jeweling Festival, but that is secondary to what is going on with Hibiki and Alicia.

Mirai & Hibiki

Hibiki lets her guard down

The first part of this episode focuses on Hibiki and Alicia as individuals. It’s pretty telling that they aren’t far from each other’s thoughts. Hibiki is waiting for Alicia to be ready to reform I Believe, whilst Alicia is pushing herself so she can make up for the years she lost.



There are plenty of great scenes in this episode, and one of them comes when a sudden downpour forces Hibiki and Alicia to take cover under a bridge.

Hibiki & Alicia

This whole scene is amazing

Everything about the scene with Hibiki and Alicia talking under the bridge is excellent. We get pathetic fallacy (that’s using the weather to convey the mood for those who skipped English class). Hibiki tells Alicia that she was the one thing missing when she was doing all that Aikatsu before, and she needs her. It is capped off with Alicia producing lyrics that have been five years in the making, fuelled by her feelings towards Hibiki – it’s all so good.


I Believe I can her wedding bells

If I recall correctly, the last time we heard and saw the bell ring was when Pure Palette got back together after their breakup. I Believe reforming is just as a monumental event, and there’s even a rainbow. We all know what the rainbow represents.

Aine and Mio

Aine and Mio are happy to learn about I Believe’s comeback

Of course, Hibiki and Alicia aren’t simply going to reform I Believe and leave it at that. Oh no, they call in a favour from Pure Palette, and announce a show for I Believe’s revival.

Honey Cat, Wakaba, and Reflect Moon

Honey Cat, Wakaba and Reflect Moon

Of course we get I Believe’s new song in this episode, but we also get to see the show surrounding it, where they share their story and how they ended up getting back together. Aine and Mio also help out with the production – experience I am sure that they will be putting to use when the Jeweling Festival comes up.

I Believe

I Believe are back

I Believe performHands on cheeksI Believe’s return to the stage is incredible. They kept us waiting for a while, but I can happily say that the wait was worth it. So good.

Hibiki and Alicia

Hibiki and Alicia

An already incredible show becomes even better when I Believe take the time to thank Pure Palette for allowing them to get to this point. On stage, of course.

Tearful Aine

Aine’s reaction to I Believe’s gratitude

What an incredible episode of Aikatsu Friends!. I knew that I Believe’s inevitable return to the stage would be something special, and I was right.

I am so glad that this episode lived up to my expectations. This second season of Aikatsu Friends! has been utterly superb, especially with episodes like this one.

Next time, a Reflect Moon episode.

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