Thoughts on Laid-Back Camp Volume 6

The sixth volume of Laid-Back Camp puts the focus on the Outdoor Exploration Club – though this time, without Nadeshiko. Inuko, Aki and Ena are doing all the camping this time around.
This volume contains chapters twenty-nine through to thirty-four.

Laid-Back Camp Volume 6

Front cover of the sixth volume of Laid-Back Camp, featuring Rin Shima

Ever since the beginning of winter break, the Outdoor Exploration Club has been saving up to buy the camping equipment of their dreams. Now it’s time to splurge before their next trip – to Lake Yamanaka! But while Inuko, Aki, and Ena have some camping experience under their belts, could they be underestimating Mother Nature a little too much? It may be difficult to have a laid-back camp when it’s freeeeezing…!

The first thing to note about this volume of Laid-Back Camp is that both Rin and Nadeshiko barely appear in it. Nadeshiko gets to do a bit more than Rin, as she goes shopping with the OEC for camping equipment. There has been a specific item that she has been eyeing up for a while, after all.
It is also worth noting that Nadeshiko contemplates going on a solo camping trip.

The main focus of volume six is the OEC’s winter camping trip. After getting their supplies, Inuko, Aki and Ena go to Lake Yamanaka. It doesn’t take them too long to discover that they are ill prepared for the cold.
Fortunately for them, they aren’t the only people camping – and Rin even sends some help their way after finding out they will be camping at Lake Yamanaka.

You can expect all the usual Laid-Back Camp quirks in this volume; plenty of information about camping and the equipment they use, as well as plenty of detail when it comes to food. I’m sure people have been inspired to go camping by Laid-Back Camp, but I get the feeling that it could inspire people to get cooking as well.

This volume is a pretty typical Laid-Back Camp experience, though with two things missing (sort of). Rin and Nadeshiko aren’t doing any camping. Rin is at home cleaning, whilst Nadeshiko is at a new part time job.
It is a change of pace, to be certain. Things aren’t exactly going to go smooth if you don’t have a veteran camper with you, as the OEC discover.

Still a fun read, though. Whilst the cold means the OEC don’t exactly have a laid-back camp, they do learn a valuable lesson.

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