Symphogear XV Episode 7: Impossible Miracle

Well, this episode of Symphogear XV felt like it was over in a flash. Some incredibly hype stuff this time around, so I’ll just jump right into this episode review.


Millaarc using her power on Elfnein

In this episode of Symphogear XV, the Wielders take on a higher dimensional being outside the Château de Tiffauges. Inside the Château, Elfnein plots a daring escape, which includes rescuing Miku as well.

Vanessa vs Chris

Vanessa sacrifices her hand to escape from Chris and Maria

Chris and Maria were able to corner Vanessa last time, but she is able to make an escape. Besides, the revival of Shem-ha is a far bigger concern – one that Hibiki, Tsubasa, Kirika and Shirabe go to confront.

Kirika and Shirabe

Kirika protects Shirabe

Kirika gives us her transformation sequence and battle song this time. They put up a decent showing, but their enemy is a god. All they can really do is fend off its attacks – any physical damage is rendered useless. There is one exception to that, though.



Unfortunately, Hibiki gets injured so Tsubasa calls for a retreat. Seems like Hibiki will be out of action for a little while. I’m going to say it is an opportunity for the other Wielders to shine.


A rare smile from Tsubasa – though perhaps not a good thing

So things outside the Château aren’t exactly going well, with S.O.N.G.’s ace down for the count for the time being. Before focusing on what is happening inside the Château, definitely have to mention Maria’s song – it is playing a key role in this season of Symphogear.

Miku & Hibiki

Expanding upon the HibiMiku Ferris wheel scene

We also get some more HibiMiku – in this case, a bit more of their conversation they had on the Ferris wheel. Always good to see more from these two.
As for what is happening inside the Château:
Phara protects ElfneinLeiurMichaElfnein & GarieThe Autoscorers make a comeback! That leads to a showdown between the Autoscorers and Noble Red, whilst Elfnein tries to get to where Miku is. Also, I hope that Vanessa getting her right hand destroyed becomes a running gag.
Having the Autoscorers return is awesome in its own right, but I can think of at least one way that it could be topped.

Murderer of Miracles

Seems Noble Red bullied Elfnein a little too much

…yeah, that. I freaking love Symphogear. We get a new song for the ending theme – sung by Carol/Elfnein. It’s a good song, but I would love for “Genocide” to make a comeback – though it sort of did in this episode. Give us the full vocal version, though, and I might not be able to contain myself.

The fight against Shem-ha and the HibiMiku moments were excellent, but Carol and the Autoscorers definitely stole the show in this episode. Both GRANBELM and Symphogear XV are delivering the hype this week.
I’m also going to throw some appreciation for Chris in here, too. Tearing up when she saw Elfnein was safe was a really nice moment.

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2 Responses to Symphogear XV Episode 7: Impossible Miracle

  1. OG-Man says:

    The Autoscorers and Carol’s return made me lose my mind! SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

    HibiMiku are progressing smoothly in spite of dire circumstances.

    I am super worried about Best Girl. Come on Maria, save her! Solve the puzzle of your song’s connection to the freaky cocoon.

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