GRANBELM Episode 7: Shattered Spirit

The next round of GRANBELM kicks off in the seventh episode, and it is quite the spectacle.

Kibou & Nene

Enjoy the cute moment whilst you can, because things are going to get intense

In this episode, Shingetsu finally decides that it is time to seriously fight Anna – particularly after what she did previously. With the Fugo family’s magic stone in her possession, Anna is determined to prove that she can best Shingetsu once and for all.

Clare & Anna

Clare talks to Anna before the battle

Throughout this series so far, Anna has constantly been told that she cannot defeat Shingetsu. With the number of times that has been brought up, I kind of expect Anna to prove everyone wrong. As for whether she does or not… eh, I’ll let viewers discover the results for themselves.

Anna vs Shingetsu

Anna vs. Shingetsu

Whilst I won’t be giving away the result of the battle, I will certainly be talking about how brilliantly intense it is. GRANBELM seems to just be getting better and better with each episode, and the fight between Anna and Shingetsu is such a thrill to watch.



If nothing else, Anna’s tenacity has to be admired. There are definitely points where it appears that the battle is over, but it manages to continue somehow. Of course, you can expect plenty of shouting from Anna as well, but that just feeds into the adrenaline of the action.



This battle is the kind of thing I love seeing in anime; where two opposing sides force each other to their limits. They pull out all sorts of techniques in an attempt to get the upper hand, which makes for some great visuals.


Shingetsu uses a spirit

I could probably go on at length about how amazing the VIOLA KATZE vs. ACONITE RENATA battle was, but I’ll keep myself in check here.
Suppose I should probably also mention that Suishou seems to have something to do with the curse on Kuon’s sister – that’s something that comes up during the course of this episode.

This episode of GRANBELM was incredible. I was expecting good things after the way the previous episode ended, and I’m happy to say that my expectations were surpassed by this episode. This might just be the best episode of GRANBELM we have had so far.

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  1. Arekusu says:

    Did Anna actually died? I think she did.

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