Thoughts on Konohana Kitan Volume 2

The second volume of Konohana Kitan sees all sorts of unusual guests stop by Konohanatei to enjoy a stay at the inn. Yuzu and the others have quite a lot on their plates, working to ensure that their esteemed guests have a satisfactory stay.
The second volume of Konohana Kitan contains six chapters.

Konohana Kitan Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Konohana Kitan, featuring Yuzu and Sakura

At Konohanatei, every guest is considered a god – but when an actual deity, the Great Spirit of Bubbles, comes to an inn for a bath, Yuzu and her fox friends get (many) more of her than they bargained for!
Other guests stopping by the inn this time include a beautiful girl who weaves with the rain, a cursed Japanese doll, and… a mermaid?! Even Hiiragi, Satsuki’s gorgeous older sister, drops in for a visit despite their rocky relationship. Perhaps the peaceful, otherworldly Konohanatei is just the right place to mend strained sibling bonds.

As was the case with the first volume of Sakuya Amano’s Konohana Kitan manga, the focus is very much on the guests that stay at Konohanatei for the majority of this volume. They are a varied, and imaginative, bunch. The staff at Konohanatei help them out, whether it is them just doing their jobs, or maybe helping them to realise that they should value themselves more.

This volume also sees another addition to the Konohanatei family, and that is Okiku. The doll didn’t exactly choose that name for herself, but that is what she becomes known as. Its pretty amusing to see her chapter go from horror to comic relief pretty quickly. Okiku is a welcome addition to the cast, though.

Satsuki gets some time to shine in this volume, too, particularly when her older sister Hiiragi stays at Konohanatei. It’s a chance to see the relationship the two siblings have, and learn a little more about the circumstances that resulted in Hiiragi becoming a shrine maiden and Satsuki being sent to Konohanatei.

In terms of yuri, we get some nice Yuzu x Satsuki moments – particularly with the last chapter in this volume, which features the adorable little Satsuki. Satsuki isn’t exactly upfront about the feelings she has, though the way she reacts when Kiri makes a joke about a kiss from her true love is probably enough to give some idea of how Satsuki feels about Yuzu.

Konohana Kitan has a solid second volume. The variety of guests that visit Konohanatei keep things interesting. The interactions between all the employees of the inn are great, too. Between the workers and the guests, there is never a dull moment in Konohana Kitan.

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