The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 6: The Time Hath Come

Seems things are changing in this episode of The Demon Girl Next Door, and that may be because Momo has fallen ill.

Momo and Yuko

Yuko meets a mini Momo

With her magical power still being particularly strong, Yuko is able to enter Momo’s subconscious in this episode. That is followed by Momo falling ill, which allows Yuko a golden opportunity – whether she realises it or not.

Yuko & Momo

Yuko brings out the Crisis Management form once again

The first part of this episode focuses on Yuko diving into Momo’s subconscious, which seems to be quite a grim place. Just makes me want to see a prequel series when Momo was on active duty as a Magical Girl – or, you know, just an episode dedicated to her past.

Momo & Yuko

Yuko decides to look after the ill Momo

For the second part of this episode, Momo ends up under the weather. Yuko takes it upon herself to look after the sick Magical Girl, which means visiting her place.
One thing I will say for this episode is that it feels a lot like the humour we had from the earlier episodes has made a full on return – I definitely laughed a lot more during than this episode than the past couple.

Momo, Metako & Yuko

Yuko and Momo’s navigator, Metako, hit it off

Bonus points for having a cat as a navigator. Metako also seems to know that things are going to be changing very soon, even if that is the only thing it ever says. Still more impressive than just saying “meow” or “nyan” or whatever, though.

Yuko and Momo

…is this what married life will look like for Yuko and Momo?

A series of coincidences bring about a change, and it is one where Momo has a favour to ask Yuko. This could lead to a change up of the status quo – and if nothing else, seems like Lilith will have more to say in future episodes.

The Demon Girl Next Door has definitely won me back. The previous episode was good, but this one was even better. Doesn’t change that episode 4 was a low point for me, though.
I have absolutely no complaints about this episode. Lots of ShamiMomo moments, and plenty of comedy. An enjoyable episode.

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