Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 4

Kanoko continues to be in the spotlight in the fourth volume of Yuri Is My Job!, and it she shares it with Sumika. Tensions run quite high between the pair of them. Perhaps the arrival of summer will calm things down at Liebe Girls Academy.
This volume contains Shifts seventeen through to twenty-one.

Yuri Is My Job! Volume 4

Front cover of the fourth volume of Yuri Is My Job!, featuring Kanoko Amamiya & Sumika Tachibana

In order to maintain a peaceful workplace, Sumika tells Kanoko to give up on her crush. When Kanoko refuses, Sumika is cornered unto sharing a cautionary tale about Liebe Girls Academy – one where a fellow staffer was hurt irrevocably. All the while, tensions and stakes are running high in the café as the manager reveals the Blume competition winner and Liebe’s summer uniforms!

This particular volume has two distinct tones. Most of it is on the more dramatic side, as Sumika confronts Kanoko about her crush. Sumika divulges a little about her own past at Liebe Girls Academy, all in an effort to prevent history repeating itself.
As far as Kanoko is concerned, Sumika is just interfering. Tensions run high between the two of them, but perhaps that is exactly just what they need – to just have it all out.
Aside from being Kanoko’s crush, Hime doesn’t really have much of a role to play in this part of the story. However, she does prove to be perhaps more observant than some may think – particularly when it comes to Kanoko.

This drama feeds into the Blume competition, as well. The results are announced in this volume, and the winner gets to make a decree. The student votes play a key part in deciding the winner.

After all the drama, we get a more light-hearted tone as Liebe’s summer uniforms are introduced. They are a hit with the girls (well, most of them, anyway), but certain problems arise with one particular girl wearing the summer uniform. Let’s just say that the uniform accentuates a certain asset of hers.
This particular part is on the more comedic side of things, though it does have the suggestion of a slightly more serious tone when it comes to accepting physical appearances.
Still a pretty amusing chapter, though.

Volume of Yuri Is My Job! delivers both drama and comedy, though not quite at the same time. The drama is capped off by a satisfying resolution, and the summer uniform part is a nice follow-up that leaves things on a more light-hearted note.
A very satisfying volume of Yuri Is My Job!.

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