Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 27: Dark Chemistry

I noted last time how the opening animation had changed to reflect Cure Cosmo joining the team, but there was also something else that I failed to notice last time. When the shot of the villains comes up, Ayewan is wearing a hoodie – I wonder if that particularly signifies anything.
Who knows, perhaps this episode will provide an answer.


OK, Puruns showing off for Yanyan was pretty funny

After Lala’s rocket was damaged during a battle, PreCure travel to the home planet of Yanyan in order to get their rocket fixed. Before that, though, they explore the underwater planet. Ayewan also appears, intent on getting revenge on Yuni for deceiving her.


PreCure Mermaids and Yanyan

In something of an unusual twist, this episode gives us two different sets of transformation sequences. Of course, we get the usual PreCure transformation, but Yanyan’s morphpearls also give us a sequence where the girls transform into mermaids.

Hikaru & Yuni

Hikaru and Yuni

Mermaids have been quite a common theme throughout PreCure. For a start, Go! Princess PreCure gave us Cure Mermaid, but I can also recall seeing them in Maho Girls PreCure! and Hugtto! PreCure. Not that I mind, considering we get to see some quite interesting underwater sights.



The antagonist for this episode is Ayewan, who says she is no longer with the Notraiders. In fact, she has nowhere to go, and seems to be jealous of Yuni who has found a place for herself.
Perhaps Yuni, or the other members of PreCure, could start steering Ayewan towards the path of redemption.

Ayewan Robot 16

Ayewan Robot 16

No Notriggers from Ayewan this time; instead, she transforms the stolen space jet she is using. As these things tend to be, Ayewan has some things to say about Cure Cosmo. Naturally, Cosmo’s allies are there to rebuke Ayewan’s claims, and the fight ends in typical fashion.

Huh, its like we’re in the middle of an arc or something. The past few episodes have all been directly connected; I can’t help but think that this is leading up to the acquisition of the last two Princess Star Colour Pens, and the inevitable confrontation against Darknest.
Darknest might seem like the final boss for the moment, but I feel like there could be something far darker lurking behind the scenes…

As for this episode, it was a good one. The mermaid transformation was a fun touch, though I think it would have been pretty funny had they gone with Hikaru’s initial idea for transforming into something that could breathe underwater.

The mermaid stuff was fun, but the most important aspect of this episode has to be the stuff concerning Yuni and Ayewan. Ayewan is no longer with the Notraiders, though she is still very much an enemy to PreCure.
Hoping to see that change, even if just gradually.

Seems like the rocket will finally be repaired in the next episode. Seems that Elena and Madoka have particularly important roles to play, too.

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