Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 19: Summer Memories

This particular episode of Aikatsu Friends! is one that I have been looking forward to for quite a while. I suspect the reason why will become abundantly clear fairly soon into this episode review, so I might as well just start.

Mio & Aine

Mio & Aine

Tamaki, Hariu and The Lovely Friends manage to get together and arrange some time off for Pure Palette, Honey Cat, Reflect Moon, Love Me Tear, I Believe and Wakaba. The Friends decide to use that time off in the best possible way: with a trip to the beach. Yes, this is Aikatsu Friends!‘s beach episode.

Mio, Aine & Wakaba

Everyone comes dressed appropriately for the beach

This episode is all about the girls quite simply having fun, so you can expect to see plenty of typical beach activities going on. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; watching the girls have fun is fun in and of itself.

Karen & Mirai

Karen & Mirai

Of course the girls are wearing swimsuits, but we also get some alternative hairstyles – and they all look great.

Reflect Moon

Sakuya & Kaguya

Whilst I do have an overall positive impression of this episode, I will admit to being a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Tamaki in a swimsuit. But, hey, at least she got to enjoy a well-deserved break.

Sakuya, Mio & Alicia

Sakuya, Mio and Alicia

I’m happy that all of the main Friends got involved in this episode, too. Most of them really enjoy the summer sun, with the only exception being Alicia. It makes sense, considering her homeland is rather cold. Alicia does not do well in the heat.

Mirai vs Hibiki

Mirai and Hibiki are as competitive as ever

Talking of heat, the fire of competition burns fiercely whenever Mirai and Hibiki are near each other. Even when they are supposed to be having time off, they are challenging each other. I still love the dynamic between the pair of them.

Maika & Ema

Maika & Ema


Even Coco gets the day off

Being a beach episode, we also get watermelon splitting and beach volleyball. I have to say, Reflect Moon’s watermelon splitting technique is impressive.

Beach volleyball

Got to have some beach volleyball in the beach episode

The once-an-episode performance comes from Wakaba this time around, and this episode just affirms how good she is. She definitely fits right in with the rest of the cast, though I suppose there is just one aspect in which she differs.
As things stand, she is a solo idol – unlike all the others, who are paired up with their Friends. She seems to be getting by just fine, though.

This was a really fun episode of Aikatsu Friends!, and it lived up to my expectations. All the girls look great in this episode, and this break was well deserved.

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