Thoughts on Whenever Our Eyes Meet…

Whenever Our Eyes Meet… is an anthology of women’s love stories, with a number of different artists contributing. The theme for this particular anthology is working women, so you can expect office flings and workplace romances.
There are fourteen short manga stories in this anthology, each one by a different artist.

Whenever Our Eyes Meet

The front cover of Whenever Our Eyes Meet… featuring art by Haru Harukawa

For those who devote themselves to their careers, love sometimes has to take a back seat. Yet, it can strike when you least expect it, whether it’s with a coworker or a kindred soul at the bar after hours. What will tomorrow bring? Whether it’s romance, loss, regret, or just another day at the office, these are the stories of women who find love as they follow their dreams.

First, I’ll list all the contributing artists:

  • Haru Harukawa
  • Yukiko
  • Hajime Saki
  • Mikan Uji
  • irua
  • Kanarashi
  • Seta Seta
  • Tamotsu Kawabara
  • Saya Fuyume
  • Esuesu
  • Tamamushi Oku
  • Mizuasou
  • Satsumaage
  • Suzuki-senpai
  • Kurukuru-hime
  • Yukiko Yuki

You’ll notice that there are more artists than there are stories; a couple contributed colour illustrations rather than full stories.
Though saying that, the stories are all rather short – tales of women’s love that only take up a few pages each. The connecting theme are is that the stories all focus on working women.

Each story is wonderful in its own way, but the three that stood out most to me were Haru Harukawa’s Masking Lady, Suzuki-senpai’s Saccharine Beauty and Kurukuru-hime’s I Want to Make My Work Senpai Moan!.
Masking Lady is the first story of the anthology, but that horse mask certainly leaves an impression – though perhaps not quite as much as what the mask is hiding.
Out of all the artists, Suzuki-senpai probably has the most unique art style – something about it felt a little like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid to me. The story itself is quite sweet, too.
There is some humour in some of the stories, and the premise of I Want to Make My Work Senpai Moan! is definitely on the lighter side of things. Not that there are any particularly dark stories in this anthology, but two women turning their work into a competition to see who tops is pretty funny.

Whenever Our Eyes Meet… is certainly a wonderful collection of yuri stories, and something I strongly recommend looking into for fans of the genre. Even more so if you like your women’s love to focus on working women.

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  1. LitaKino says:

    I wanted to pick this up for my collection and reading your thoughts it sounds well worth it !!! thanks for the awesome insight !! 😊

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