Symphogear XV Episode 6: Strong Heart

Episode six of Symphogear XV will finally shed some light on what transpired at the end of the previous episode. I always eagerly anticipate the next episode of Symphogear, but I have to say that I am particularly keen to see what this one has in store for us.

Hibiki & Chris

Chris provides support for Hibiki

In this episode, S.O.N.G. investigates the disappearance of Miku and Elfnein, whilst Noble Red move ever closer to completing their plan.

Tsubasa and Maria

Tsubasa refuses when Maria reaches out to her

With the discovery of what is effectively a murder scene, you would think that Hibiki would be the one that would be most affected by the disappearance of Miku and Elfnein. That’s not the case, though: it is Tsubasa who seems to be taking it the hardest.



Tsubasa’s mental state is still not quite right, and it seems that Fudo is taking full advantage of that. She is still under Millaarc’s hypnosis, or whatever you want to call it. It seems to me that Fudo is trying to turn Tsubasa against S.O.N.G. I suspect that Kanade and Maria will have roles to play in preventing that from coming to pass.

Millaarc & Elfnein

Millaarc and Elfnein

This episode does eventually get around to giving us an answer about what happened to Miku and Elfnein, and this seems to be a case of pretty much everybody predicting correctly what happened previously.
It is still quite a relief, though.
Also, Noble Red need Elfnein to use Carol’s body to activate something. Could this lead up to one of my favourite songs from the franchise making a return? I certainly hope so.



Even in the state she is in, Miku thinks of Hibiki. She is determined to do something so that Hibiki is not worried about her – and it seems that someone will provide her with the means to do just that. Someone wearing the Bracelet of Shem-ha, no less. Finé, perhaps?

Maria Training

Maria training

Maria is disappointed in herself for not being able to provide the support Tsubasa needs right now – she takes her frustrations out on a punching bag. The flashback scene with Maria and Serena “fighting” is pretty cute, too.



This episode is capped off with some action, which initially starts with Vanessa attacking Ogawa as he attempts to deliver some important evidence back to S.O.N.G. HQ. Fortunately, it seems that Vanessa is not prepared for modern ninja techniques, and her opponent changes soon after.

Maria & Chris

Maria and Chris fight Vanessa

Maria and Chris take over for Ogawa, and fight Vanessa. During the battle, Vanessa hints that she knows a little something about the Airgetlám; or perhaps she is just playing mind games.
After the fight, the episode ends in the only way that Symphogear seems to know how: with a cliffhanger. What could that mysterious golden light be?
I don’t know for sure, but I’m going to go ahead and guess it is something to do with Miku.

Another fantastic episode of Symphogear XV. We finally got our answer as to what happened previously, and I’m glad it went as so many people predicted. More importantly, this seems like it could be leading up to something rather important for Miku – you know, something similar to Symphogear G.

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1 Response to Symphogear XV Episode 6: Strong Heart

  1. OG-Man says:

    Have I already mentioned how much I love Vanessa? I have? Well I’ll say it again.

    Don’t give up Maria! Best Girl needs you.

    Bikkie’s going to be in the fight of her life, again, very soon.

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