Thoughts on New Game! Volume 2

The second volume of the New Game! manga once again focuses on the ladies of Eagle Jump, as they feverishly work away to meet deadlines. Aoba meets some of the other staff in this volume, and a familiar face is brought on board to lend a hand, as well.

New Game! Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of New Game!, featuring Kou Yagami and Aoba Suzukaze

Volume 2 of New Game! covers Eagle Jump developing Fairy Stories 3 to completion, as well as the stuff that follows after it has been released.

It is in this volume that Aoba meets Umiko Ahagon for the first time. Umiko has plenty of great moments, though what particularly stands out are her interactions with Nene Sakura.
Aoba’s friend joins Eagle Jump as a temporary playtester under the supervision of Umiko. It’s fair to say that Nene causes some headaches for Umiko, but it all works out in the end.

Besides developing Fairy Stories 3, Aoba and her colleagues have various other events to attend, as well. The company medical, for one, and the Tokyo Game Expo being another. There’s lots going on for the employees of Eagle Jump, with the variety keeping things interesting.

The work doesn’t stop once development of Fairy Stories 3 has wrapped up, though. There’s all sort of post-release events. An interview in particular allows us to see a different side of Kou; something that Aoba and Rin both enjoy quite a lot.

New Game! is a lot of fun, even managing to mix in some truly sweet moments amongst the humour. Aoba has a lot of respect for Kou, and that really shows during the wrap party.
That wrap party also happens to be Aoba’s first proper meeting with director Hazuki Shizuku. Hazuki provides a bit of insight into Kou’s past at Eagle Jump, as well as dropping hints about what is to come in the future.

Can’t talk about New Game! without mentioning Rin and Kou, and sure enough, they get some nice moments together in this volume.

New Game! continues to be an enjoyable and light-hearted look into the world of game development. Quite simply put, reading about Aoba and her colleagues is a lot of fun.

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