Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 26: Puffy, Soft Asteroid

We are now more than halfway through Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. The opening animation has also been updated, so we actually get to see more of Yuni/Cure Cosmo in it now. PreCure are steadily moving towards their goal of collecting all the Princess Star Colour Pens, and some new information concerning the whereabouts of the next one sees them blasting into space once more.

Pyjama Party

Hikaru decides to have a pyjama party

Lala receives a transmission from her brother Lolo about the discovery of a princess’s power, so PreCure decide to go to Samaan. However, the warp through the Starscape goes awry, so they are left stranded. Hikaru decides the best thing for them to do is hold  a pyjama party.

Scared Elena

Elena can’t handle scary films

I guess yellow Cures tend to be yellow-bellied… This episode is pretty much about Hikaru and the others getting to spend time with each other, and deepen their bonds. Hikaru manages to find some common ground with Madoka, thanks to an old film. We also discover that Elena isn’t so good when it comes to scary films.


Yuni’s ear twitches when Hikaru calls out to her

Definitely got to take time to focus on Yuni just for a bit, just because. Finds a comfortable place to curl up and fall asleep, much like a cat. So good.

Elena, Hikaru, Lala, Madoka & Puruns

The girls talk about their families

After the film, the topic of conversation turns to family. They also talk about their friendship. Hikaru never imagine she would have a pyjama party with friends before becoming PreCure, but that is exactly what has happened in this episode. Clearly meeting Lala, Elena, Madoka and Yuni has been a very good thing for Hikaru.



The rocket picks up a stowaway – a hermit crab-esque alien named Yanyan. Someone needs to be the victim of the week when Kappard attacks, after all. Oh, apparently she is also able to repair the rocket after it has been damaged, or at least that is what she says.


Kappard uses Yanyan’s imagination to power up his weapon

Kappard actually launches a pre-emptive strike on PreCure, damaging the rocket in the process.

Cure Milky & Cure Star

Cure Star helps out Cure Milky

PreCure are given the opportunity to show of their newly deepened bonds during the battle against Kappard, and they do just that.

Cure Soleil & Cure Selene

Cure Soleil & Cure Selene

This was quite a sweet episode, with the bonds between the five girls growing stronger. For me, Yuni was the highlight of the entire episode, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. The other girls all had their own moments to shine as well, though.

Next time, mermaids.

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