Symphogear XV Episode 5: Doubt Nothing Until Everything Becomes Clear

Saturday falls upon us once again, which means it is time for Symphogear XV. The title of this episode, “The Hidden Thing in the Bag”, refers to one of Miku’s character songs. Better brace ourselves for this one, methinks.

Noble Red

Noble Red, shortly after gaining freedom from the Bavarian Illuminati

I’ll get to the government interfering with S.O.N.G. in a moment, but first I want to mention that this episode provides a few more details about Noble Red; Vanessa in particular. The three earn more sympathy after this particular flashback.

Hibiki & Miku

Hibiki sharing a bath with Miku

Thanks to the Japanese government interfering with S.O.N.G.’s work, the Wielders find themselves with a lot more spare time on their hands. That’s good, because that means Hibiki gets to spend more time with Miku.

Hibiki, Miku, Tsubasa & Elfnein

Hibiki and company enjoying their time off

Because Tsubasa needs cheering up, and Elfnein is a workaholic, they join Hibiki and Miku for a day out.


Elfnein discovers karaoke

The most important thing to come from all this is Elfnein discovering karaoke – well, OK, that’s not quite correct. That’s the second most important thing.

Hibiki & Miku talk

Miku tells Hibiki about the guilt she carries

Miku has always been supporting Hibiki throughout the entirety of Symphogear, but there are things that she has kept hidden from her. Miku has quite a burden upon her shoulders, it seems.


Tsubasa gets a transformation sequence this time around

It isn’t too long before an attack by the Alca-Noise interrupts things, meaning that Hibiki and Miku will have to talk things out later on. As Hibiki and Tsubasa are closest to the scene, they are the two who go into battle.
We get Tsubasa’s transformation sequence this time, and plenty of flashy attacks – with huge amounts of collateral damage. Tsubasa still seems to be under Millaarc’s hypnosis.

Tsubasa fights

Tsubasa cuts down countless Millaarcs

I was half expecting one of the Millaarc clones to be a civilian or something, but it seems that they were all just Alca-Noise in the end thankfully. Not sure Tsubasa needs more trauma on top of what she has already suffered.

Miku protects Elfnein

Oh no…

The end of this episode leaves it rather vague as to what happened with the encounter between Miku, Elfnein and Millaarc.

Still, excellent stuff from Symphogear, as always. S.O.N.G. is on the frontlines when it comes to battle, but at least they have support from trusted allies.
A pretty important development for HibiMiku was given to us in this episode. They better get to have that talk…
Excellent action scenes from Tsubasa, even if she did cause quite a bit of collateral damage. Hibiki wasn’t able to cheer her up, but maybe Maria will succeed later on.

Really quite eager to see what happens next, but just like everyone else, I’m going to have to wait a week.

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1 Response to Symphogear XV Episode 5: Doubt Nothing Until Everything Becomes Clear

  1. OG-Man says:

    May Maria be the one to heal Best Girl’s heart.

    Next time we’ll have a better idea of what Miku’s role is in S5. I somehow doubt Miku was the one Milaarc sliced up.

    Oh yes. HibiMiku need to have “that talk” soon.

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