Game of the Month: August 2019

For August, there is only one honourable mention I want to make this time around. That is unlike last month, where there were quite a number of games I mentioned. The reason for it this time around is quite simply because the main game I want to feature has been one that has been devouring quite a lot of my free time.

My only honourable mention this time around goes to Kill la Kill The Game – IF, an arena brawler based upon the Kill la Kill anime. It’s definitely one more for the fans of the anime.
I got the Limited Edition version for the Nintendo Switch – usually I would have posted an unboxing by now, but again, a certain other game has sunk its claws into me.

Fire Emblem Three HousesJuly 26th 2019 saw the release of the latest game in my favourite video game franchise, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. For any jumping on the Fire Emblem bandwagon with this title: you’re late. But also, welcome aboard.
Whilst the traditional turn-based tactical battles are present as ever, Three Houses also brings a new element into the franchise as the main character Byleth is given the role of teacher.

You choose one of three houses to teach: Black Eagle, Blue Lion or Golden Deer, and help the students develop their talents. You can also build bonds with the students by offering them gifts, returning lost items and inviting them to tea. That’s just a few of the options.

The franchise’s perma-death is present as well, though it is entirely optional. I always play with it on myself, because that is what I am most used – I’ve been playing Fire Emblem since the seventh title was released in English for the Game Boy Advance.
Having the option to switch off perma-death makes the game more accessible, and allows people to play the game in the way that they are most comfortable with.

For anyone curious, my first playthrough: female Byleth, Black Eagle, and Edelgard. I leave it up to you to decide what that means.

There’s an extensive amount of content in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and what I have mentioned here barely even scratches the surface. I’ll definitely have more things to say about Three Houses in the future; I suggest keeping an eye on The Yuri Empire.

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