The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 4: Eternal Powers of Darkness

It is Thursday evening, which means that it is once again time to see how Yuko is getting on with her quest to defeat Momo.

Collapsed Yuko

Yuko falls unconscious

In this episode, Lilith gets to directly confront Momo, and then Yuko gets a job in an effort to repay her ever increasing debt to the Magical Girl.


Lilith was not expecting visitors

I guess Yuko has grown a bit as a Demon Girl, because she is able to meet the requirements to visit Lilith – as long as the switch on that statue she carries around with her is pressed. This leads to Lilith possessing Yuko’s body.

Yuko possessed by Lilith

Lilith has quite the grand plan

For this half of the episode, Yuko actually gets a well-deserved break in wherever it is that Lilith hangs out. As for Lilith, she is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to trying to do anything to Momo – or just anything.

Unexpected Customer

Unexpected customer

The second part of this episode sees Yuko taking on a part time job, because her debt to Momo has increased through no fault of her own.


Momo sets a new personal best time when she transforms

Naturally, the first customer that Yuko serves is Momo, because The Demon Girl Next Door really likes sticking to what it knows. I suppose this segment does allow Momo to grow a little as a magical girl; she manages to increase her skills. Not on the field of battle, but because she appreciates Yuko working hard.


More Yuko smiling, please

Things wrap up with a nice moment between Yuko and Momo.

I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t really feeling this episode. I found myself laughing less often compared to previous episodes. Things also felt a bit samey; sure enough, Yuko is still incompetent, and Momo helps her out. Things are probably going to need to change up to stay interesting.
I will give this episode its due and say it did have some good moments. Momo actually transforming because she didn’t want to see Yuko’s hard work go to waste was a nice moment, and Yuko unexpectedly dropping in on Lilith was pretty funny too.
I wouldn’t mind learning more about Momo’s time as an active Magical Girl, too. She made it clear that it wasn’t an experience she was fond of, and that has got me quite curious about it.

Overall, a pretty typical episode of The Demon Girl Next Door. Hopefully this is only a blip, and the comedy will be back in better form for the next episode. That, or maybe change the status quo; there’s only so long I can tolerate watching the world at large bully Yuko before getting tired of it.

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1 Response to The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 4: Eternal Powers of Darkness

  1. OG-Man says:

    Compared to Satania (Satanichia Dropout), Rin (Bakuon) and especially that bum angel from Jashin-chan Dropkick Shamiko’s suffering is tame, meaning that while we hope the jokes change direction soon it hasn’t become a pain to watch her suffer yet as she it’s not that bad.

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