Symphogear XV Episode 4: Music and Alchemy

There is quite a treat in store for the fourth episode of Symphogear XV. Actually, any given episode of Symphogear is a treat.
Regardless, some pretty epic stuff in this one.



In this episode, we get a couple more confrontations with Noble Red. S.O.N.G. keep meeting them in battle, but even their victories have been short-lived so far.


Tsubasa is still suffering after Millaarc’s attack on her concert

I really just want to jump ahead to my biggest highlight of this episode, but I’ll guess I will approach things in order. First up, Tsubasa. Millaarc’s attack had an effect on her, and it seems that she hasn’t completely recovered from that yet.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve

We get Maria’s transformation sequence this time

There are two distinct fight scenes in this episode, with the first one being Hibiki and Maria taking on Vanessa and Alca-Noise. Maria handles the Alca-Noise, whilst Hibiki tries to reach out to Vanessa.


Never change, Hibiki, never change

Maria’s transformation, songs and attacks are all great, but the breast best scene has to be Vanessa offering to come to an “understanding” with Hibiki. It is just fortunate that Maria had finished all the Alca-Noise.

Noble Red

Noble Red are now homeless

Symphogear isn’t always blasting us with epic music and battles, and it is during one of the quieter moments that we get some time with Noble Red – Vanessa, Elza & Millaarc. I really like this group of villains, even if one of them has committed an unforgivable act.

Hibiki transformation

Surprise! We get to see Hibiki’s transformation sequence for the second time this season

The second confrontation in this episode has all of S.O.N.G. mobilising to face all three members of Noble Red. Anyone hoping for Tsubasa’s transformation sequence will be disappointed; instead, we get Hibiki’s for the second time.
Unfortunately for the Wielders, Noble Red are prepared for their arrival. They put a philosophical weapon to use, which seems to give them the upper hand.

Hibiki & Saint Germain

A combination of Symphogear and Faust Robe: Amalgam

Then we come to the best part of this entire episode, which brings back an old friend as well as a song from Symphogear AXZ. It feels like with every episode Symphogear manages to outdo itself.


The battle comes to an end for a couple of reason; first, Hibiki is still trying to reach out to her enemies. Secondly, though, is that perhaps the real enemy isn’t the one that is on the battlefield…

Symphogear XV is constant thrill ride, somehow managing to go above and beyond in every episode. This episode might have just given us my favourite fight of this season so far, and yes, “Hana Saku Yuuki” does contribute to that. Its a great song when sung solo, but this Hibiki & Saint Germain duet? So good!

Can’t forget to mention that the end of this episode is a cliffhanger, because that is what Symphogear does.

Whew! What an episode!


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1 Response to Symphogear XV Episode 4: Music and Alchemy

  1. OG-Man says:

    Vanessa is Top Three Symphogear villain after this episode. Bikkie’s reaction says it all. Kinda feel bad for Noble Red. Still doesn’t excuse Milaarc going overboard and traumatizing Tsubasa.

    Damn you old man.

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