The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 3: Power of Pancakes

It is so hot. But, the UK’s heatwave has nothing to do with The Demon Girl Next Door, so lets just put aside the fact that I am melting and instead focus on Yuko’s attempts to grow stronger as a demon so she can defeat a Magical Girl.

Yuko & Lilith

Yuko speaks with Lilith

In this episode, Lilith visits Yuko in a dream to er… discuss her lack of progress. That is followed by some laundry, ending with training to use projectiles.

Yuko & Lilith holding cola

A nice cold drink sounds good to me

The first half of this episode focuses on Lilith conversing with Yuko. Its mostly just so she can berate Yuko for her lack of progress, though Lilith does conveniently change the subject when it comes to her own victories against the Light Clan.
I can’t help but feel this half of the episode also presents some evidence that there is more to Yuko becoming a demon than having to defeat the Light Clan. Her Mum, in particular, seems to have some secret.

Momo giving Yuko her uniform

Momo comes out of nowhere to offer Yuko a spare uniform

Whilst Lilith’s conversation with Yuko was pretty amusing, I feel fairly confident in saying that where The Demon Girl Next Door shines best is with the interactions between Yuko and Momo; and fortunately, this episode has plenty of that.

Yuko & Momo

Momo about to train Yuko to use projectiles

Funnily enough, Momo seems to have something in common with Lilith, as she too tends to avoid certain topics of conversation. In this case, though, Momo doesn’t have much to say when it comes to why she is watching over Yuko, or why she is so nice to her.
I’d say one thing is becoming more evident, though: Momo clearly has a thing for Yuko.

Yuko with Momo's wand

Yuko borrows Momo’s wand for projectile training

During Yuko’s training, she gets to discover a little more about Momo. Momo is proficient at sewing, but terrible at cooking. As for the projectile training itself, I’d say it was the funniest part of the episode.

Once again, I found myself laughing all the way through an episode of The Demon Girl Next Door. That’s all I really want from this show, so I’d call that a successful episode. It did have its intrigue, too, what with Yuko’s Mum hiding some kind of secret.

Once again, great stuff.

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