Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 24: Laugh Out Loud

Hikaru and company escape the summer heat as they touch down on a planet covered entirely with snow and ice in episode twenty-four of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure.


Madoka is concerned about her piano practice

In this episode, PreCure travel to the Icesnow Planet where they discover that the Aquarius Princess Star Colour Pen is in the possession of a sentient snowman named Yukio. He will only hand it over if they can make a girl named Iruma laugh. As that happens, Madoka worries about her piano practice.

Madoka wins

Madoka may have won, but she doesn’t feel satisfied with her victory

There are two plots running through this episode, with the first one being Madoka and her piano practice. She’s quite good at what she does, though she is not satisfied with her performance. Madoka doesn’t quite know what it is she’s missing, but the events of this episode help her to realise.



The main story of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is also advanced with this episode, with the Aquarius Princess Star Colour Pen being the next one that PreCure set their sights on. It is in the possession of a snowman called Yukio.



Besides Yukio, PreCure also meet Iruma. She is the stoic type; so much so that Yukio has never seen her smile. That gives PreCure their objective for this episode: make Iruma smile.

Madoka & Elena snowboarding

Madoka and Elena snowboarding

There is a lot of fun that can be had with ice and snow, as PreCure show Yukio. Well, most of PreCure, anyway. Uni is less enthusiastic about it; she even considers the possibility of not being able to make Iruma smile. Things do generally work out for PreCure in the end, but I can appreciate Uni considering the possibilities.

Uni sings

Uni sings

Whilst this may be an episode that is more focused on Madoka, Uni does get some attention as well. In particular, we discover just what it is that inspires her to sing. We get a nice impromptu concert scene, with Madoka and Uni performing together. Said concert is also the event that allows Madoka to realise just what she was missing when playing the piano.

Monster of the Week

Iruma transformed

Can’t have an episode of PreCure without an antagonist showing up, and this time it is Tenjou. She has Iruma transform into the monster of the week, which of course means that PreCure have to step up and do their thing.

Aquarius Selene Arrow

Aquarius Selene Arrow

The battle unfolds in pretty typical PreCure style, with Cure Selene adding a new power to her arsenal. After the battle and a visit to the Star Palace, the episode wraps things up.
Only two more Princess Star Colour Pens to go.

This episode was pretty good. We got some nice stuff from Madoka, and Uni too. That is about all I really have to say, though.

Next episode looks like it could be quite a good one, as the focus is on Uni.

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