Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 16: Final Trial

The sixteenth episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel is one that focuses on Wakaba. Hibiki and Alicia’s introduction to the franchise has been spectacular, so let’s see if the third new addition of this second season can pull her own weight as well.


Wakaba Harukaze

In this episode, Mirai gives Wakaba one final trial before she can make her official debut as an idol. Wakaba quite simply has to find what is essential to being an idol, and she’ll be doing that whilst helping out during Star Harmony Academy’s open campus.

Aine, Reflect Moon and Wakaba

Wakaba is popular with everyone

I’ll state this now: Wakaba is cute. It’s no surprise that Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon are all eager to work with her. By working with the aforementioned Friends, Wakaba is able to showcase her talents.



This episode also introduces us to Wakaba’s childhood friend, Kozue. Wakaba refers to her as “onee-chan”. The two aspired to become idols when they were younger, but a series of events led to Wakaba feeling like she betrayed Kozue.

Wakaba & Kaguya

Kaguya can see her old self in Wakaba

One of my favourite scenes from this episode has to be the conversation between Wakaba and Kaguya. We get to see just how much Kaguya has matured from her first appearance, and now she is helping out someone else who is in the same place she was back then.

Wakaba & Kozue

Kozue encourages Wakaba

The performance in this episode is one that is particularly noteworthy, as it is the first time we see Wakaba taking to the stage.

Wakaba changing room

Wakaba is cute

Wakaba winking

…like, really cute

Wakaba & Mio

Wakaba performs with Mio

Wakaba is particularly skilled at imitating people. That makes her the number one choice to perform alongside Mio when Aine has something else come up. She wears the Cherry Link Coord, just in case you were wondering.

Love Me Tear

Love Me Tear discuss Wakaba’s potential as an idol

At the end of this episode, we get a scene with Love Me Tear talking about Wakaba and what inspired her to be an idol. Their discussion got me curious: will we ever meet the idols that inspired Love Me Tear? That is something I would certainly like to see.

As it turns out, Wakaba can pull her own weight. I really liked this episode, and am quite eager to see what Wakaba can do when she isn’t imitating others.
It appears that Wakaba will be making her debut as a solo idol, but considering the whole “Friends” theme, I can see that changing in the near future.
After all, this episode introduced us to Wakaba’s childhood friend who aspired to be an idol with her – both Wakaba and Kozue promising to become Friends some day.

Whatever happens, I’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing more episodes that focus on Wakaba.
Now if only we could get at least one more Coco episode…

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