Symphogear XV Episode 3: Bracelet of Shem-ha

The third episode of Symphogear XV gives us a little more insight into the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati. Some of the stuff that they pulled off couldn’t have been done without help, which begs the question: who is aiding them?


Miku is saying more ominous things – about feelings that people are not able to share

In this episode, Tsubasa and Maria recuperate from Millaarc’s attack. Meanwhile the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati are making deals with certain people.

Millaarc and Elza

Millaarc and Elza

Millaarc and Elza are participating in a trade of some kind, but they soon end up getting the attention of S.O.N.G. – not before causing some casualties, though. People were speculating about which transformation sequence we would see next, and it seemed most were leaning towards it being Kirika.



Turns out the next transformation sequence was actually for Chris, as she and Hibiki are dispatched to engage the Millaarc and Elza in combat. As has been par for the course, Chris’ transformation sequence looks spectacular.

Millaarc vs Hibiki

Millaarc vs. Hibiki

Of course the battle itself is more excellent Symphogear action. Millaarc tries her weird eye power again against Hibiki, but the results this time around are different. It seems that there are certain requirements she has to fulfil to use that power effectively.

Bracelet of Shem-ha

The bracelet of Shem-ha

Another particularly noteworthy development is one that concerns the bracelet of Shem-ha. This was the relic inside the coffin that the Wielders fought in the first episode, and something that is probably quite important to Symphogear XV‘s plot. Let’s just say it changes hands in this episode.

Shirabe & Kirika

Kirika accidentally predicts the enemy’s next move

There is a scene where Tsubasa is given grief by her grandfather after what happened at the concert. She assures everyone that she is fine, though I’m not sure anyone actually believes that.
More action awaits after a pretty funny scene with Kirika and Shirabe.


We’re getting two for one on transformation sequences in this episode

So the people who predicted we would see Shirabe’s transformation sequence in this episode were right; it just happened after Chris’.
As is true with any fight where Kirika and Shirabe are working together, the battle is a spectacular watch. It was stated in a previous season that Shirabe and Kirika possess incredible power when they are together, which Millaarc gets to discover for herself.



This episode is also the first time Vanessa directly confronts any Symphogear wielder – in this case Kirika and Shirabe. She’s only there to ensure that Millaarc gets a tactical retreat, but we are given a glimpse into how she fights.
This episode has quite the reveal at the end, too.

A more action-oriented episode this time around. It did have its quieter moments – particular when it came to Tsubasa – but the fights against the Bavarian Illuminati were the highlight.

As we learn more about Vanessa, Millaarc and Elza, I am liking them more and more. I’m pretty sure Millaarc is beyond redemption after the previous episode, but she definitely makes one of the most effective villains we have seen in Symphogear.
The three remnants care a lot for each other, particularly with Millaarc swearing that she will protect the other two. That does leave me wondering if it is S.O.N.G. she wants to protect them from, or something else all together.

Excellent stuff from Symphogear, as usual.

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1 Response to Symphogear XV Episode 3: Bracelet of Shem-ha

  1. OG-Man says:

    This show always pleases us, yes.

    Noble Red caring deeply for each other has been a female baddie tradition in this series since Maria’s Squad..

    Miku with more foreshadowing. Come on writers. Now is the time to finally pull the trigger.

    ShiraKiri are precious.

    I’m pretty sure neither henshin in this episode will be considered “controversial”…unless bullet bouncing is enough to trigger butt hurt dorks.

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