GRANBELM Episode 3: Reasons to Fight

In the third episode of GRANBELM, some of the girls reveal just what it is they are fighting for. We also see the return of the ARMANOX battles.

Kuon & Kibou

Kuon and Kibou

The third episode of GRANBELM reveals more about Anna’s grudge against Shingetsu, as well as the reasons that the characters are participating in GRANBELM. We get another battle in this episode, too.


Anna only has pure hatred for Shingetsu

So it seems that Anna’s grudge towards Shingetsu is one that came about as a result of envy. The Fugo family, bar Anna, seem to have a lot of love for Shingetsu – even willing to adopt her. Anna really does not like that.

Nene & Kibou

At this point, I’d be surprised if Kibou doesn’t end up involved in GRANBELM somehow

There are some rather cute interactions in this episode. Nene and Kibou get to share one such moment, and I think we get a glimpse into the kind of people that Kibou likes. Funnily enough, Kibou’s sister is another one who gets a cute interaction – though hers is with Shingetsu, of course.

Shingetsu & Mangetsu

Shingetsu and Mangetsu

That particular interaction between Mangetsu and Shingetsu happens during Mangetsu’s ARMANOX training, as that is where this episode is taking us: to the night of the next full moon.



The main focus during the battle is on Shingetsu and Anna, of course. As VIOLA KATZE (Shingetsu’s ARMANOX) and ACONITE GRIS (Anna’s ARMANOX) duke it out, Mangetsu has to deal with ACONITE GRIS’s decoys. She gets to put her training with WHITE LILY to the test, but they are not the only ones participating in battle.



A new ARMANOX enters the fray, to the surprise of the combatants. Kuon Tsuchimikado joins GRANBELM, and the reason she fights is simple: to lift a curse from her sister. Kuon might be a little overly attached to her sister, though.

The episodes ends, but the battle has not concluded yet. Going to have to wait until the next episode to see just what Nene and JI GUAN LONG have in store for everyone.

This episode gave us the stakes that the characters were fighting for. Shingetsu has a particularly ambitious goal, whilst other characters just fight out of hatred or to save loved ones.
I liked the action in this episode, too. Of course VIOLA KATZE and ACONITE GRIS were the highlights from the fight scenes, but the entry of SETSGETS BAIKA was pretty noteworthy, too.

I’d say that this was a great episode of GRANBELM, that gave us more insight into the characters as well as some enjoyable action.

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1 Response to GRANBELM Episode 3: Reasons to Fight

  1. OG-Man says:

    Kibou X Nene-nee are adorable together. Hope they hook up.

    Mangetsu X Ernesta need each other while Anna needs to take a chill pill.

    I ship Kuon and her onee-chan. You know I’ve been watching yuri for too long if I’m doing so.

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