GRANBELM Episode 2: Disturbing Fate

In the second episode of GRANBELM, Mangetsu has a choice to make after the awakening of a new power within her previously.

Shingetsu and Mangetsu

Shingetsu and Mangetsu

A quick summary of this episode to kick things off: after unwittingly joining GRANBELM in the previous episode, Mangetsu has to decide whether she actually wants to be part of that or not. Shingetsu gives her time to think about, though she does keep a close eye on her – by transferring into Mangetsu’s school.

Memory erasure

Shingetsu is unable to erase Mangetsu’s memories of GRANBELM

There’s a fair amount of exposition in this episode, as Shingetsu explains about how the descendants of mages come together to fight for the title of Princeps in GRANBELM. Mangetsu is an exception to the rule, though, as she seemingly has no connection to any mages – I’d say that more or less justifies the exposition we get.



The fate of Rosa is also shown – it seems that those who are defeated in GRANBELM are stripped of all their magic power. They keep their magic stone, though, so perhaps there is a chance that they could recover it.

Nene & Kibou

How long until Kibou (Mangetsu’s younger sister) gets caught up in GRANBELM?

Sharing lunch

Shingetsu transfers into Mangetsu’s school

Ah, the age old ‘mysterious transfer student’ trope is in play in this episode, with Shingetsu filling in the role. Once again, this is justified, as she intends to keep an eye on Mangetsu until she can come up with an answer about her participation in GRANBELM. It also gives us a chance to see what Mangetsu is like at school, and one word immediately jumps to mind: doormat.


Mangetsu feels invisible

As far as Mangetsu knows, her presence is meaningless; everything would still be the same whether she was there or not. I totally get where Mangetsu is coming from on this point – I’ll admit to having had times when I have felt the same thing in the past.
It is for that reason that Mangetsu is finally able to make a decision about GRANBELM.

No magical mecha action this week, but that’s fine. We learned more about the whole concept behind GRANBELM and a little of its history, as well as the consequences for losing. Mangetsu also became one of my most relatable anime characters for the summer season, and that’s worthy of respect.

Still a great episode of GRANBELM, though. Whilst it did get a little more serious towards the end, it did have some funny, light-hearted moments that I enjoyed as well. For those itching for more action, it looks like the next episode will deliver just that.

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