The Demon Girl Next Door Episode 1: Descendants of Darkness

We now come to the third show of the summer season that I was most looking forward too, alongside Symphogear XV and GRANBELM. That show is The Demon Girl Next Door. Unsurprisingly, it is about a demon girl.

Awaken Yuko

Yuko’s dream

First up, a summary of the first episode – and the overall plot in general: A girl named Yuko has a dream in which she is told she must awaken and defeat a magical girl. After growing horns and a tail overnight, Yuko discovers she is a descendant the Dark Clan that were banished long ago.
With Yuko’s demonic powers awakening, she is tasked with defeating a Magical Girl.
Yuko's horns and tailThe Demon Girl Next Door starts getting its humour in very early on in the episode, and it just keeps coming throughout the entire run time. I laughed all the way through the episode; a pretty good sign that I was enjoying myself.
A lot of that came from Yuko’s reactions to her newfound demonic appearance and task, but there were at least a couple of other characters who contributed too.Splendid weaponThe entire Yoshida family are great. Yuko’s younger sister Ryoko seems to be far more accepting about the whole demon thing, whilst her mother, Seiko, is very willing to help her daughter out with the whole demon thing – even dubbing her “Shadow Mistress Yuko”.


Can’t have a season of anime without Truck-kun

Momo Chiyoda

The timer during the transformation sequence is a nice touch

Our other main character in The Demon Girl Next Door is the Magical Girl Momo Chiyoda, who steps in when Yuko is almost hit by a truck. The two have only just met, but I already love the interactions between the pair.Yuko & AnriWe also meet Yuko’s friend Anri. Naturally she’s curious about Yuko’s horns and tail, but it takes her a little time to bringing that subject up. Then we discover that the students are pretty nonchalant when it comes to things like demons and Magical Girls.Momo teaches YukoBecause this is anime, of course the Magical Girl and the demon girl who wants to kill her go to the same school. You won’t hear me complaining about that, though, because that leads to even more amusing Yuko & Momo interactions.

Whilst I do have praise for this episode, I’ll start my conclusion with something of a complaint – though one directed more at HIDIVE rather than the anime itself.
The subtitles seem lacking – the dialogue is fine, but on-screen text is let completely untranslated. There’s also the matter of using the wrong currency, which is something that grinds my gears.

Gripes with the subtitles aside, this was a great introduction to The Demon Girl Next Door, and easily one of my favourite premieres of the summer season of anime. It has exactly my type of comedy, and the characters are all excellent as well.

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  1. OG-Man says:


    Top 3 Summer show (that isn’t ongoing) alongside Dumbbell and Symphogear 5.

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