Summer 2019 Anime: First Impressions

Perhaps my most anticipated season of anime for this year has now arrived. As such, I will once again be sharing my initial impressions of each show I have chosen to watch this season.
It is quite a mix we’ve got this time around, with some premieres that I absolutely adored, whilst I am not entirely sold on a couple of other shows just yet.Are You Lost?Are You LostAre You Lost? is about four school girls trying to survive on a deserted island. Most of them are completely out of their depth, but fortunately Homare Onishima has had extensive survival training. I liked the first episode; thought it was at least a little bit educational when it came to survival. The fanservice was pretty good, too.

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You LiftThis is one of the shows I am not entirely sold on. The first episode was all right at best. Presumably a lot of people will be tuning in to see the girls’ muscles, but I think they’ll have to wait a little while to see that, though. These things take time, after all. Guess they’ll just have to settle for Machio if they are desperate enough…

Wasteful Days of High School GirlsWasteful Days of High School GirlsAnother show that I am not entirely sold on. Wasteful Days of High School Girls gives its lead character one trait, and very quickly runs it into the ground. Due to that, every other character in the show seems to be way more interesting; if we get more focus on the other characters, this could get better.

GRANBELMGRANBELMNow GRANBELM had a very enjoyable first episode. It gave us some nice action scenes, whilst firmly establishing itself as some kind of mecha/magical girl hybrid. Many are expecting this one to turn dark, and I count myself among them. Still, I do like ‘moepocalypse’ shows as it were, so I’d be fine it it does go down that route.

Symphogear XVSymphogear wieldersNow this is how you start a new season. The first episode of Symphogear XV pretty much blows every other premiere completely out of the water. We get amazing action, superb songs and some nice HibiMiku interaction that also is a little ominous. Symphogear is my favourite anime of all time, and it delivers once again with the first episode of its fifth season.

Re:Stage! Dream DaysReStage Dream DaysThis was a fun premiere. It immediately got its claws into me with that initial performance, and then we had cute and fun interactions between our main cast of characters. I am sold on Re:Stage! Dream Days.

The Demon Girl Next DoorAwaken YukoAnother show that I enjoyed from the get-go. It delivered great humour throughout the episode and had me constantly laughing. This was one of the shows I was most looking forward to this season, and its first episode certainly delivered.

So overall, a somewhat mixed bag. By the time this post is published, at least a couple of these shows would have aired their second episodes. These are all my initial impressions, though, written shortly after watching the first episode for each show mentioned here.
I say mixed bag, but Symphogear XV alone already makes this season of anime the best one this year. I absolutely adore Symphogear.

Symphogear XV had my favourite premiere of the season, and it will undoubtedly be the show I enjoy most over the summer. GRANBELM and The Demon Girl Next Door would fill out my top three, though Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ is definitely worth mentioning as well.

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  1. darkdaemonpk2 says:

    I love getting lost. Err… I meant the show. Yeah! The show!

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